Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Elusive Safety Committee - Lewiston, Maine

The Commission investigating the Lewiston Maine mass shooting (ICL) met again on March 4. I attended and listened to the stories of victims who survived, and family members and friends of those who didn't. They want answers, so something like this doesn't happen again...and solutions.

I've been trying to find out the status of the safety committee which Mayor Sheline formed last fall, before the mass shooting. Just before the committee was formed there was an incident at the library which is located downtown, near City Hall. 

I want to participate in the meetings. Nobody has returned my phone calls, despite that I've left messages a few times.

The mayor was at the March 4 ICL meeting. Before it got underway, he walked over to where I had just sat. I gave him a business card for my cleaning business, PJM Cleaning; and I wrote the name of this blog on the back. I told him that I've had some interactions with Lewiston police lately...and some were not good. I couldn't go into details. 

After the meeting, which lasted from 9 am until 1 pm, I walked around the room asking who I should contact about the going-ons of the Safety Committee. A man pointed to Brian O'Malley. He's the Deputy City Administrator for Lewiston, and the man said, a former police chief of Lewiston. 

I approached O'Malley, tried to speak with him about the safety committee, and offered my card; but he would not take it, and couldn't get away fast enough. It appears that the public didn't want law enforcement involved, but they were later included. It doesn't matter because they aren't holding any meetings anyway. 

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