Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Donations much appreciated for Attorney Richard Fine!

Attorney Richard Fine has been in jail since the beginning of March; he was put there in retaliation for defending the public against judges who were taking illegal compensation from the county of Los Angelos. Read the story here!  At the website, there's an address for writing to Attorney Fine.

I asked Fred Sottile, who has been helping Attorney Fine, to provide an address where people can send a donation to help. He wrote back: "I am attempting to get the address on the web site. In the mean time, please write a check to Eleanor Van Natta. In the note line, write "Richard Fine."

Send donations to:

C/O Fred Sottile
PMB #342
603-B East University Dr.
Carson, CA 90746

Fred wrote "American King." I haven't read it yet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Continental Congress President Michael Badnarik hospitalized!

According to Gary Franchi, National Director of Restore the Republic, Michael has had a heart attack. In an email from Gary, which made its way to me through other patriots:

"His Mother, Elaine, reported to me that Michael was in Madison, Wisconsin attending a hearing regarding a raw milk case. After the hearing he got in a car to go to lunch with friends, He then slumped over. His friends attempted CPR and contacted the paramedics. They attempted to revive him 3 times with no success. Upon the 4th attempt his heart was revived yet with erratic behavior." ~Gary Franchi

Read the Articles of Freedom and sign the pledge! CC believes the Constitution isn't broken, but that it is being violated! Listen to the video (made on 11-15-09) in which Michael explains the goals of Continental Congress to Gary Franchi at The video is nearly one hour long, and very informative. Michael and Gary explain how we gave Congress the authority to coin money, not print paper money. Plus we never gave it the authority to transfer that right to a group of private bankers.

Sherry Peel Jackson moved to another prison a few days ago

I just read some news regarding Jackson, the former IRS agent who dared question the right of government to tax our wages, not income, but wages... there's a difference. She was moved from a prison in Coleman Florida to one in Bushnell Florida, apparently for allegedly making contact with members of the media. Our tyrant leaders mustn't stand for such expression of our First Amendment right of speech, oh no.

Here's a link to a website devoted to freeing Sherry Peel Jackson. 

Overtime pay being denied many!

I just opened up an email and discovered in it a story about the large number of workers suing over unpaid wages.

In 1999, the U.S. Supreme Court took up a case (Alden v. Maine) involving overtime pay, but really the question was regarding sovereign rights. Could the state of Maine be forced into its own courts? The case involved employees of the state of Maine who had been denied overtime. Judges wouldn't let them get through in state of federal courts in Maine. The decision of the U.S. Supreme Court was narrow, 5-4 against the probabiton officers, one whose name was John Alden. Justice Souter wrote an awesome dissent.

The U.S. Secretary of Labor, it was mentioned in the decision, could have filed a lawsuit on behalf of citizens of Maine, but didn't. Maybe it's time for one now. Actually, I don't believe that overtime pay is a constitutional right; so let this federal "Act" be held unconstitutional. Mandatory overtime pay (which is 1.5 times employee's regular pay rate) is an interference by government into contracts between employers and employees. It's no wonder that the U.S. Supreme Court has never held the mandatory O.T. pay rate unconstitutional though; I mean it allows the government to collect all that much more payroll taxes from us.  

Monday, December 21, 2009


Public hero Attorney Fine will be spending the holidays in jail. A man named Fred went on Dr. Shirley Moore's conference call tonight (you'll find the show at her website under December), and asked people to send in a few bucks to cover a $300 filing fee for paperwork being filed this week into U.S. Supreme Court. Click on "Donate," and you can pay using pay pal. I think I may have posted the mailing address in an older post if you prefer to pay by check. I'll post it here again once I get it.

Go to Free Richard Fine to read about Attorney Fine, make a donation, and/or get his address and write to him!


Citizen's Forums On Judicial Accountability - CFOJA

Zena Crenshaw is a regular on Dr. Shirley's show; she's on right now! Zena is telling listeners that members of the Congress are reporting they are so overwhelmed by public email, they can't manage it all. Good work people! However, as Zena pointed out: this means we need to organize ourselves into groups that our representatives can effectively respond to!

Zena is with National Forum on Judicial Accountability (NFOJA), and she's working on uniting people using NFOJA's Citizen Forums on Judicial Accountability. Get on board, and share the website with others.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dog and pony show!

Here's a link to Full Disclosure's latest on Attorney Richard Fine. Senators and assembly members met on December 8th, in West Los Angelos California. The meeting, described by one judicial reform activist as "a dog and pony show," was supposed to be about government reform.

I posted information about SBX2 11 under the biography of Ronald George at Judgepedia. I included a link to the docket in U.S. Supreme Court, which shows the U.S. Supreme Court denied Attorney Fine a review. P.S. The website for JAIL 4 Judges is still down (I'd posted a link to it at Ronald George's biography); the group is still active and working on getting the site up again.

We need people in every state to work on judicial reform, so find others in your community who want change, and start meeting with them. 

Maine businesses are fed up with Maine government!

From a December 15 story

"The Kennebec Journal in Augusta quotes David Clough of the National Federation of Independent Businesses as saying that many business owners are afraid to speak out, especially those who are having trouble with a regulatory agency."

I'm guessing that the Maine Department of Labor is one of those regulatory agencies Maine businesses want "regulatory streamlining" of. 

I'm going to try to contact Clough at NFIB. I found his contact information in a story on TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights). Though 79 percent of businesses support TABOR, it was defeated by taxpayers this past fall at the polls.

Maybe I'll contact the U.S. Department of Labor also. When the state of Maine refused to comply with Federal Labor Standard Law of 1938, jipping sixty-six probation officers of their overtime pay, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that they couldn't sue the state. Here's information about Alden v. Maine in 1999.  And at the Oyez Project you can listen to arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court case, ALden v. Maine!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Writ of Habeas what? Habeas Corpus - I have the body

I sent prisoner Carol Murphy's writ of habeas corpus to U.S. District Court of Bangor Maine today. I included a September 26, 2007 newspaper article about another victim of Animal Welfare Director Norma Worley - Joan Sullivan. Sullivan's lawyer filed a motion for contempt after the state wouldn't return her horses (one died while in state custody) after a judge ordered them returned. At the webpage, you'll see the story was once linked there: "Motion aims for state to return horses" about halfway down. I sent a photocopy of the newspaper clipping with Carol's writ.

In my Letter of Support I included references to other injustices, some which I've mentioned in past blogs, and I've asked to have the issue of judicial immunity addressed. One of the things I sent was a 2 pg story "Fire Maine Kennel Czar" by John Yates regarding Norma Worley. Yates passed away this fall.      

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hearing on recusals of judges set for Dec. 10, 2009!

A hearing has been set in Washington D.C. at the Rayburn House Office Building for this Thursday, December 10, 2009, regarding recusal of judges since Caperton

According to a story about it at the BLT (Blog of Legal Times) on the 4th: "No witnesses have been announced for the hearing." Here's a link to the schedule .

(After I posted this, a witness list was put up, so I came back and added this note)

And here's a list of the members of the Courts and Competition Policy subcommittee. Please call the subcommittee members regarding Attorney Richard Fine. Judge David Yaffe should have recused himself from the case Fine was on, and his failure to do so, and imprisonment of Attorney Fine is atrocious. The "conflict of interest" was clear, for Yaffe had accepted compensation from the County of Los Angeles, which was a defendant in the case Yaffe ruled on.   

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jury selection postponed due to fall! Maine woman suing the governor!

Margot was in court to choose a jury in the state's case against her when she fell and everything was put on hold. She had to have stitches; well, she tells me she opted for the glue actually.

Margot's animals were taken from her a few years ago; and she's trying to get a trial regarding this. In a story, taken at  the webpage of the Bangor Humane Society, a reporter mentions that the state requested that Margo pay $100,000 for the care of her animals while the appeal was pending; that amount got reduced to $10,000, and then $2500, which she paid in protest. If she lost her appeal, the money would be forfeited to the state of Maine's Animal Welfare Department.

In Supreme Court, she said that their matted fur was the equivalent of dreadlocks in humans. That's funny, but what our government is doing to us isn't.  

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Night AUN Conference Call Colin Jackson

Sherry Peel Jackson is a former IRS agent who was imprisoned for failure to file tax returns several years ago. Why didn't she file the returns? She couldn't find the law behind the income tax.

Here's a website where you can read about Sherry, and another one. Tonight, Sherry's husband, Colin, was a guest on the American Underground Network (AUN) conference call, which starts at 10:00 pm, pacific time. Colin gave out an address to write to Sherry at:

Sherry Peel Jackson


FCC Coleman Camp

P.O. Box 1027

Coleman, FL 33521-1027