Sunday, February 21, 2010

Read whistleblower Joe Zernik's email, sent two days before his arrest on February 19, 2010!

From: joseph zernik <>
Subject: The story of my arrest February 6, 2010, and possible arrest again any time.
To: (Confidential)
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 10:46 PM

I posted the records online at: I consider it another example of fraud and extortion in LA Superior Court and Sheriff, not much different from what they were doing to Richard Fine and Ronald Gottschalk.

I was arrested, and they claimed that they had warrants. They refused to show me the warrants. Now I found one of the warrants, and it was an unsigned record, invalid on its face. Moreover, the court clerk told me that police never executed it, although they told me that they arrested me on that warrant. Therefore, they can arrest me again anytime they wanted to, again, based on an unsigned warrant.
A person in California forwarded me the email from Joe, sent just before his arrest a few days ago. A link to the LA County Sheriff’s Inmate Information page was provided,; as well as Joe's booking number, 1343449. His bail has apparently been set at $30,000. That's ludicrous, considering (and I quote from the website which Joe mentioned in his email above): "the case originated from a missing registration sticker on a license plate in 2008." 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carol was right about Wolf!

She told me that a Judge Wolf, in Massachusetts, was the only honest judge she was aware of. While cleaning out my emails today I discovered a story about him. Here it is!

Soon after I met Carol Murhpy, I discovered that five of the seven judges she sued had taken part in dirty decisions against us! However, in the fall of 2006, all of the judges were dismissed from her case. Why? Here's a link to the decision; and quoting from it: 
Because the doctrine of judicial immunity bars her claims against the judicial defendants, the Court grants their motion to dismiss Carol Murphy’s Amended Complaint. 

Carol has been incarcerated in Somerset County jail in Maine since mid October. Check my post of last fall to read about the conditions surrounding her arrest. It cost about $60,000 to house a prisoner in Maine, or about $200 a day. Does Carol Murphy pose such a threat to the public as to justify this? It's probably costing taxpayers more than that for her bed at Riverside - the psych ward in Augusta Maine where Carol's been sent for an evaluation, though she had told me she did not consent to one. 

Carol says the state is trying to push an attorney on her, so they can screw her! She mentioned Corpus Juris Secundum. In a letter dated April 25, 1998,  found at, was this: 
Attorneys take an oath to uphold the judicial system over the rights of a client. This is in their Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Volume 7, Section 4.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I've posted the comment, though I don't know what it says.

While editing my website, I noticed there were a few comments which I needed to moderate before they could be posted. I allowed them in, even the one I could not read, from January 8. If anyone knows what it says, please write to me... as I can't read Chinese.

Judgepedia reliable, Wikipedia ?????

At Wikipedia, there's an entry for Ronald M. George, but there's nothing in it regarding SBX 2 11 or stories which reflect negatively on him. George is the chief justice of California Supreme Court:

A while back, I posted to Wikipedia about Ronald George (then listed without the middle initial M). Now if you go to the link, it directs you to the new Ronald M. George post. Here's the old link I wonder if the middle initial was added by someone at Wiki so the old entry under Ronald George, could be made obsolete.  

Under the old entry, my posts had been constantly moved into history. I don't like the new unimproved version. I checked my emails and found a link to the post I made at Judgepedia, which includes the information I posted about SBX 2 11, as well as cases Justice George was involved in, which others wrote about, and which Wikipedia apparently doesn't want the public to know about:

And here's a story about Wikipedia:

LA Superior Courts - "Corporation" fraud confronted!

"Los Angeles human rights defender Dr. Joseph Zernik, Ph D. is confronting LA Superior Court Presiding Judge Charles "Tim" McCoy and Clerk of COurt John A. Clarke about why they created corporations and refuse to disclose their financial records."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rod and Carl talk about their case!

I'm listening to Carl Weston and Rod Class's call right now, on Talkshoe. Read the latest here. You'll find the docket info on the case there (boring); there's also information on how to join the telephone conference call or go into the chat room! It's just Rod on now, Carl's not in tonight I guess.

Someone posted a link in the chat room, regarding County Grand Juries. They've got a cool video about how the courts operated... it's a puppet show, youtube video.   

If you scroll down to 'older posts', you'll find another post regarding Rod and Carl, and their D.C. case against the United States (dba as a corporation).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lawyer in Texas rolls his eyes in court and ...

Check out the story. Can you believe it? That's it, I'm wearing sunglasses if I ever go before a judge again. 

Aroostook Watchmen interviews James Traficant!

The former congressman was released from prison in September after serving seven years. What was the crime? He's anti-government, or anti-corrupt government, as Steve puts it.

James has refused interview offers from mainstream media; but spoke with Steve Martin and Jack McCarthy (Continental Congress candidate) on their humble little Aroostook Watchmen radio show (AM 780 WXME) in Monticello, Maine, this morning! Here's a video/interview with Traficant, by Chris Mathews of "Hardball." And here's a link to the Aroostook Watchmen show, where Steve and Jack's interview with Traficant should be available soon. 

Steve's had some impressive guests on his show lately, including Congressman John Shadegg recently. Shadegg's been trying for years to pass "The Enumerated Powers Act." I've written about that in my book! If passed, Congress would have to point to the constitutional authority behind passing each and every law! Bill Beardsley (gubernatorial candidate, former president of Husson College) was interviewed earlier this week... and the guys have set up a gubernatorial debate for February 17!

Jack and Steve do their show every morning Monday through Saturday. They don't get paid for this public service; they're just passionate about educating people and trying to make Maine and this country a better place. They need sponsors to keep the show going. Here's Steve's address, if you wish to make a donation, or advertise on their show. Click on his name to write to him. 

Steve Martin
1049 US Route One
Amity, ME 04471

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kellett - Assistant District Attorney for Hancock County, Maine

I received an email with a link to a story written by Carey Roberts. "In Maine, it doesn't pay to be a man."  Several months ago, I posted a link to a story about D.A. Mary Kellett, whose been prosecuting men though it's their partners who are often the abusers. Last year, several men testified about this sort of thing in public hearings at the state house; some woman are abusing "protection from abuse" orders. I listened at

Well, Superior Judge Kevin Cuddy recently found Kellett was guilty of prosecutorial misconduct; but it doesn't appear she'll lose her job. The D.A. position held by Michael Povich in Hancock County is up for grabs however. 

Here's another story about something which happened in Hancock County. Kellett is in it; evidently, a 51 year old teacher in Blue Hill pled guilty to sex crimes and was sentenced to 28 years in prison. So what went wrong? We do fingerprinting of teachers and substitute teachers in Maine to avoid letting people like this into the school system. So much for that; the guy had a previous felony sexual offense conviction in New York in 1982, and more...

Now, back to Filler's story, Mr. Filler was awarded custody of his two children: About a year ago, a BDN news story reported the story after a jury convicted him. Filler's defense attorney, Daniel Pileggi, spoke about the alleged assault on Mrs. Filler: "there was no physical or forensic evidence to support the gross sexual assault charge."