Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Donations much appreciated for Attorney Richard Fine!

Attorney Richard Fine has been in jail since the beginning of March; he was put there in retaliation for defending the public against judges who were taking illegal compensation from the county of Los Angelos. Read the story here!  At the website, there's an address for writing to Attorney Fine.

I asked Fred Sottile, who has been helping Attorney Fine, to provide an address where people can send a donation to help. He wrote back: "I am attempting to get the address on the web site. In the mean time, please write a check to Eleanor Van Natta. In the note line, write "Richard Fine."

Send donations to:

C/O Fred Sottile
PMB #342
603-B East University Dr.
Carson, CA 90746

Fred wrote "American King." I haven't read it yet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Continental Congress President Michael Badnarik hospitalized!

According to Gary Franchi, National Director of Restore the Republic, Michael has had a heart attack. In an email from Gary, which made its way to me through other patriots:

"His Mother, Elaine, reported to me that Michael was in Madison, Wisconsin attending a hearing regarding a raw milk case. After the hearing he got in a car to go to lunch with friends, He then slumped over. His friends attempted CPR and contacted the paramedics. They attempted to revive him 3 times with no success. Upon the 4th attempt his heart was revived yet with erratic behavior." ~Gary Franchi

Read the Articles of Freedom and sign the pledge! CC believes the Constitution isn't broken, but that it is being violated! Listen to the video (made on 11-15-09) in which Michael explains the goals of Continental Congress to Gary Franchi at The video is nearly one hour long, and very informative. Michael and Gary explain how we gave Congress the authority to coin money, not print paper money. Plus we never gave it the authority to transfer that right to a group of private bankers.

Sherry Peel Jackson moved to another prison a few days ago

I just read some news regarding Jackson, the former IRS agent who dared question the right of government to tax our wages, not income, but wages... there's a difference. She was moved from a prison in Coleman Florida to one in Bushnell Florida, apparently for allegedly making contact with members of the media. Our tyrant leaders mustn't stand for such expression of our First Amendment right of speech, oh no.

Here's a link to a website devoted to freeing Sherry Peel Jackson. 

Overtime pay being denied many!

I just opened up an email and discovered in it a story about the large number of workers suing over unpaid wages.

In 1999, the U.S. Supreme Court took up a case (Alden v. Maine) involving overtime pay, but really the question was regarding sovereign rights. Could the state of Maine be forced into its own courts? The case involved employees of the state of Maine who had been denied overtime. Judges wouldn't let them get through in state of federal courts in Maine. The decision of the U.S. Supreme Court was narrow, 5-4 against the probabiton officers, one whose name was John Alden. Justice Souter wrote an awesome dissent.

The U.S. Secretary of Labor, it was mentioned in the decision, could have filed a lawsuit on behalf of citizens of Maine, but didn't. Maybe it's time for one now. Actually, I don't believe that overtime pay is a constitutional right; so let this federal "Act" be held unconstitutional. Mandatory overtime pay (which is 1.5 times employee's regular pay rate) is an interference by government into contracts between employers and employees. It's no wonder that the U.S. Supreme Court has never held the mandatory O.T. pay rate unconstitutional though; I mean it allows the government to collect all that much more payroll taxes from us.  

Monday, December 21, 2009


Public hero Attorney Fine will be spending the holidays in jail. A man named Fred went on Dr. Shirley Moore's conference call tonight (you'll find the show at her website under December), and asked people to send in a few bucks to cover a $300 filing fee for paperwork being filed this week into U.S. Supreme Court. Click on "Donate," and you can pay using pay pal. I think I may have posted the mailing address in an older post if you prefer to pay by check. I'll post it here again once I get it.

Go to Free Richard Fine to read about Attorney Fine, make a donation, and/or get his address and write to him!


Citizen's Forums On Judicial Accountability - CFOJA

Zena Crenshaw is a regular on Dr. Shirley's show; she's on right now! Zena is telling listeners that members of the Congress are reporting they are so overwhelmed by public email, they can't manage it all. Good work people! However, as Zena pointed out: this means we need to organize ourselves into groups that our representatives can effectively respond to!

Zena is with National Forum on Judicial Accountability (NFOJA), and she's working on uniting people using NFOJA's Citizen Forums on Judicial Accountability. Get on board, and share the website with others.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dog and pony show!

Here's a link to Full Disclosure's latest on Attorney Richard Fine. Senators and assembly members met on December 8th, in West Los Angelos California. The meeting, described by one judicial reform activist as "a dog and pony show," was supposed to be about government reform.

I posted information about SBX2 11 under the biography of Ronald George at Judgepedia. I included a link to the docket in U.S. Supreme Court, which shows the U.S. Supreme Court denied Attorney Fine a review. P.S. The website for JAIL 4 Judges is still down (I'd posted a link to it at Ronald George's biography); the group is still active and working on getting the site up again.

We need people in every state to work on judicial reform, so find others in your community who want change, and start meeting with them. 

Maine businesses are fed up with Maine government!

From a December 15 story

"The Kennebec Journal in Augusta quotes David Clough of the National Federation of Independent Businesses as saying that many business owners are afraid to speak out, especially those who are having trouble with a regulatory agency."

I'm guessing that the Maine Department of Labor is one of those regulatory agencies Maine businesses want "regulatory streamlining" of. 

I'm going to try to contact Clough at NFIB. I found his contact information in a story on TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights). Though 79 percent of businesses support TABOR, it was defeated by taxpayers this past fall at the polls.

Maybe I'll contact the U.S. Department of Labor also. When the state of Maine refused to comply with Federal Labor Standard Law of 1938, jipping sixty-six probation officers of their overtime pay, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that they couldn't sue the state. Here's information about Alden v. Maine in 1999.  And at the Oyez Project you can listen to arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court case, ALden v. Maine!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Writ of Habeas what? Habeas Corpus - I have the body

I sent prisoner Carol Murphy's writ of habeas corpus to U.S. District Court of Bangor Maine today. I included a September 26, 2007 newspaper article about another victim of Animal Welfare Director Norma Worley - Joan Sullivan. Sullivan's lawyer filed a motion for contempt after the state wouldn't return her horses (one died while in state custody) after a judge ordered them returned. At the webpage, you'll see the story was once linked there: "Motion aims for state to return horses" about halfway down. I sent a photocopy of the newspaper clipping with Carol's writ.

In my Letter of Support I included references to other injustices, some which I've mentioned in past blogs, and I've asked to have the issue of judicial immunity addressed. One of the things I sent was a 2 pg story "Fire Maine Kennel Czar" by John Yates regarding Norma Worley. Yates passed away this fall.      

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hearing on recusals of judges set for Dec. 10, 2009!

A hearing has been set in Washington D.C. at the Rayburn House Office Building for this Thursday, December 10, 2009, regarding recusal of judges since Caperton

According to a story about it at the BLT (Blog of Legal Times) on the 4th: "No witnesses have been announced for the hearing." Here's a link to the schedule .

(After I posted this, a witness list was put up, so I came back and added this note)

And here's a list of the members of the Courts and Competition Policy subcommittee. Please call the subcommittee members regarding Attorney Richard Fine. Judge David Yaffe should have recused himself from the case Fine was on, and his failure to do so, and imprisonment of Attorney Fine is atrocious. The "conflict of interest" was clear, for Yaffe had accepted compensation from the County of Los Angeles, which was a defendant in the case Yaffe ruled on.   

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jury selection postponed due to fall! Maine woman suing the governor!

Margot was in court to choose a jury in the state's case against her when she fell and everything was put on hold. She had to have stitches; well, she tells me she opted for the glue actually.

Margot's animals were taken from her a few years ago; and she's trying to get a trial regarding this. In a story, taken at  the webpage of the Bangor Humane Society, a reporter mentions that the state requested that Margo pay $100,000 for the care of her animals while the appeal was pending; that amount got reduced to $10,000, and then $2500, which she paid in protest. If she lost her appeal, the money would be forfeited to the state of Maine's Animal Welfare Department.

In Supreme Court, she said that their matted fur was the equivalent of dreadlocks in humans. That's funny, but what our government is doing to us isn't.  

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Night AUN Conference Call Colin Jackson

Sherry Peel Jackson is a former IRS agent who was imprisoned for failure to file tax returns several years ago. Why didn't she file the returns? She couldn't find the law behind the income tax.

Here's a website where you can read about Sherry, and another one. Tonight, Sherry's husband, Colin, was a guest on the American Underground Network (AUN) conference call, which starts at 10:00 pm, pacific time. Colin gave out an address to write to Sherry at:

Sherry Peel Jackson


FCC Coleman Camp

P.O. Box 1027

Coleman, FL 33521-1027

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hearing set in Ninth Circuit - for Attorney Fine

I received an email from Attorney Gary Zerman yesterday. It looks like a hearing has been set in Ninth Circuit Court for Attorney Richard Fine. Here's a link to a blog called "Right Trumps Might," which has information regarding it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes, Let's work together!

Check out American Leadership Network's Freedom Round Tables! From their website:
"Most patriots and concerned Americans are beginning to realize the desperate need to work together in the struggle to maintain liberty."

Monday, November 9, 2009

Victory short-lived... Judicial Watch and SBX2 11

Judicial Watch won a lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles on October 10, 2008 regarding the illegal benefits being paid to the judges there; but the County appealed the decision and was granted summary judgment in August, 2009. A history of this case, arranged in a timeline, can be found at the website of Judicial Watch. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prosecutorial Misconduct Case

Can prosecutors be sued? A case was heard On November 5 in Supreme Court, but it is usually weeks or months before a decision comes. 

"When the false testimony and other exculpatory evidence was discovered, the two innocent men, Curtis McGhee and Terry Harrington, were released after 25 years in prison. They filed a lawsuit against the prosecutors." Click here to link to the decision.

Click here for the story of the two black men who were wrongfully convicted, and freed 25 years later. 

"Former Bush administration Solicitor General Paul Clement will tell the Supreme Court that in 1977, Council Bluffs was an almost all-white community, and that politics and race played a part in the prosecutor's decisions."  

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dale v. United States (dba corporation)

Here's a good article which explains about Rod and Carl's D.C. case and the hearing scheduled for this Friday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Luck Leon!

A friend of mine, Leon Bard is running for a seat on the town council... in Lisbon or Lisbon Falls. A vote for him will get us closer to our goal of an accountable government! Lots of important issues are on the ballot. Get out and vote tommorrow!

A vote Yes on question 1 will repeal gay marriage. You may want to read one of my older posts. This spring or summer, I listened to the work session on gay marriage. During the meeting, the Chair of the judiciary committee, Senator Lawrence Bliss, admitted he was gay, and that this was a personal issue for him. Yet the public was banned from expressing their opinions about the legislation... one woman was even removed from the room for trying! I was listening live.

That I'm linking to the following article on TABOR ought to tell you which side of the issue I'm on.

Connection to "District of Columbia" Case

Back in the spring of 2007, I added my son and I to a sort of "class-action" lawsuit. A bunch of people who had been denied due process were doing the same. The lawsuit had been started by Family Rights Radio's Eddie Andrews. Carl Weston, and Dale Rodney Class were plaintiffs in the case. Here's a link to civil case # 07CV 200CVE-FHM filed in United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma in which you'll find our names... scroll down to Michaud.

I got some paperwork regarding the case recently. Under Part 3 of 8, in Rod's D.C. case # 0005391-09, on the last page Rod mentions that our evidence is sitting in Congress. Under the heading JUDICIAL NOTICE TO THIS COURT: That, We, the people of the states of America, have overtly provided Congress House and Senate Judiciary Committees with Evidence and/or Exhibits with NO Concern of ANY "Due Process." One of the things Rod is asking for, from the D.C. court is a hearing before Congress. He and Dale Rodney Class will appear in D.C. on Friday, November 6, 2009! Good LuckCarl and Rod! More information can be found in their Talkshoe conference calls. Scroll down to Conference calls and Webcasts for the link.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Citizen's Forums on Judicial Accountability!

Tonight, on Dr. Shirley's Justice4Us conference call, Zena Logal (of NFOJA) was on. Scroll to "Conference calls and webcasts" at the bottom of this page to sign up for her Citizen's Forums on Judicial Accountability. Make a difference in your town, city, state! I've posted the link in resources as well, in right-hand column.

North and South - The "other" Maine

In the 1930's a group of nine black youths were imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit. They were tried by all-white juries. Here's a link to a posting about the case at Wikipedia. Later it was proven that blacks had been kept off of the jury rolls, they got new trials.

People often say we have two Maine's. Recent school consolidation measures makes one wonder if it isn't true. It's unfair to rural Maine; it puts us in a bind... placing penalties on towns who can't find others willing to join them to form larger units. There's even been talk about us seceding.

Some people in Lewiston/Auburn believe they're the "other" Maine, while people north of Bangor feel we are. Portland is more bustling than the rest of the state, thacity, that's for sure. There are alot of French people in L/A, and in other cities in New England. Nixon's Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP) used that to their advantage in 1972 when they paid someone to write a letter suggesting that Senator Ed Muskie, who was running against Nixon, was prejudiced against the French... that he had referred to them as "Canucks." Muskie's response became known as his "crying speech." He dropped out of the race after not doing as well as expected in the primaries. That summer the Watergate scandal began to unfold, but Nixon said he wasn't involved, and we elected him, by a landslide.

Do you ever wonder if Dennis Dechaine didn't have a fair trial because he was from the "other" Maine... the northern half? The trial was held in Rockland Maine. I'm guessing that there were no jurors from the north; the decisions which have kept him in prison all these years are coming from the south.

Dennis Dechaine

From October, 2009 Trial and Error Newsletter:

"Yet another year slowly closes in and still we have not given up the fight for justice as we surpass the 21st year in Dennis' wrongful conviction."

A motion for new trial was made in August of 2008... still no word. It appears that Judge Bradford, who is the judge who sentenced Dennis twenty years ago, will decide on the motion.

The directors of T & E are encouraging people to write letters to the editors of their local papers. At the Trial and Error website, there's a link to the email addresses of newspapers throughout the state which you can write to... they're listed under "What you can do." The newsletter hasn't yet been posted.

You can write to Dennis at:

Dennis Dechaine
807 Cushing Rd.
Warren, ME 04864

Friday, October 30, 2009

Treaty of Copenhagen - New World Order?

Is the New World Order coming in December? Nearly 10,000 have signed the Treaty of Copenhagen - Instrument of Repudiation to try to stop it.

American Underground Network

Wow, last night Patrick Riot shared a wealth of information about our government, in a conference call. I'm told a recording of the call will be posted at AUN's website in a few days. He talked about Hitler, zionists, the federal reserve... look for conference call #125.

I've provided links to of the calls/radio talk shows which I frequently tune into... scroll down and you'll find them.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Petition - Mitirice Richardson

Tonight on Dr. Shirley Moore's radio show, Nancy asked for help to get an investigation going into Mitrice Richardson's disappearance after being released from jail. Click here to sign the petition.

Witch Hunts in Maine!

Here's an article about men being targeted by District Attorney Mary Kellett in Bar Harbor, Maine. Maine's motto is Maine Vacationland. Perhaps we should consider changing it to Maine Incarcerationland... at least until we put some sort of judicial accountability in place.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holy Flyers!

The environment - Where money is concerned

“The first step towards economic and environmental regeneration is to increase the flow of income to consumers. Of course, by ‘income’ is meant real buying power – not recycled debt for which the people are already responsible in their roles as consumers and taxpayers."

~Alain Pilote

The Money Myth Exploded by Loius Even is a simple story, with vibrant illustrations. It tells how money is/was created as a debt by private banks.

A subscription to the Michael is only $10 for 2 years! Buy one for a friend and ask him/her to keep the gift going. Get free leaflets about The North American Union, and more, from The Michael!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama's Kevins

Okay, it's old news now, but it's worth mentioning. Here's a story telling about Kevin Concannon's confirmation hearing in July in D.C. for the position of Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services.

Editor and publisher of Common Sense Independent, Terrilyn Simpson, did a 28-page report in 2005 on the murder of Logan Marr. She titled it Logan’s Truth. Simpson told how Maine officials and the Legislature failed Logan’s family afterward. Logan tried to tell about the abuse. Concannon was Maine DHS Commissioner at the time. In hearings, he defended DHS officials, saying "Logan was known to lie," (page 2).

Then there's the other Kevin - Kevin Jennings, supposed "safe schools" czar. The story brings some good news, at least. On October 15, 53 Republicans called for Obama to fire Jennings, who was "pushing a pro-homosexual agenda in America's schools," and who has quite a shady past.

There are 300 million people in this country. Couldn't the president find better candidates than these two?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dr. Shirley Moore... You go girl!

Here's a link to Dr. Shirley Moore's BlogTalk Radio show. Attorney Richard Fine has a court date set for December she says. "People, we are in serious trouble," says Moore, who has been trying to expose the injustices, doing radio shows like Justice4Us for about twenty years. Once you click on the link above the audio will load automatically, in about a minute.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stunned in New Sharon, Maine

Maine woman arrested!

Cops went to Carol Murhpy's place to arrest her apparently; but did they have a valid warrant? Carol had filed a lawsuit against judges and other officials in connection with the taking of her animals several years ago... without a warrant! She had "No Trespass" signs on her property... she tried to defend herself with a stun gun.

In Carol Murphy v. State of Maine et al , several judges were dismissed from her case simply because they were judges. She's been trying to place her case/s in Arizona and other states. The state had fined her for animal cruelty. Being poor, she hadn't paid the fines. Carol had filed an "Emergency Habeas Corpus," believing it would only be a matter of time before the state of Maine came to get her if some court didn't accept her case and give her a fair trial. The state judges are obviously biased in her case against the state.

The Arizona court dismissed her case on the 13th of October, citing lack of jurisdiction. I ordered the documentation from Pacer. Carol was arrested on the 14th. Coincidence? It was someone from PETA (People's Ethical Treatment of Animals) who telephoned police on Carol. They're the group who attacked Obama for swatting a fly on national television.

In court filings, Carol mentions that the U.S. District Court has violated the Open Court Standard in not letting her file the habeas corpus in U.S. District Court of Maine.
Carol is entitled to her day in court. Is it okay to jail someone because they have no money to pay a fine?

You can help Carol by sending her a letter of support... money can be sent to her, by using a money order. It will be deposited into her account so she can purchase stamps, phone card, etc.; the jail has returned stamps sent to her. Everything has to go through her account. Why? Well, I'm guessing that the state makes a commission on the sale of such items.

Carol Murphy

Somerset County Jail
131 East Madison Road
Madison, ME 04950

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Question on C-Span about Attorney Fine!

On October 5, 2009 I got a question through on C-Span, regarding Attorney Richard Fine's case and SBX2 11! Correspondent Michael Doyle took my question during a series by the Washington Journal about the U.S. Supreme CourtA recording of the show was posted. 

Update on 3-23-2024 by blog author, Paula Michaud. 
It's a dead link. I should have printed out transcript of that portion of the show before it was archived. It might be available upon request, with payment. 

Attorney Fine had a case against the county; Judge David Yaffe should have recused himself, because of the obvious "conflict of interest."Yaffe and other judges have been taking illegal benefits from the county for decades!

You can read about SBX2 11 and Attorney Fine's case At Ballotpedia. where it's mentioned that on 10-05-2009, the Supreme Court of the United States denied Attorney Fine's certiorari petition. 

This morning, I asked a question on C-Span regarding the status of Attorney Fine's certiorari petition. Caller from Maine, 41 minutes into the video.

We cannot allow our leaders to ignore such injustices. Please write to them and demand they order Attorney Fine released from the illegal imprisonment.

After the program, Robb Harleston, who was the show's host, discussed a story by Paul Harris titled "Will California become America's first failed state?" California has a population of about 37 million. What happens in California affects other states. Quoting Harris: 

"There is a growing movement to call for a constitutional convention that could redraw the way the state is governed. It could change how the state passes budgets and make the political system more open, recreating the lost middle ground."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Government Monster Out of Control - CPS/DHS - Augusta, Maine

I found a story at RipOff Report by a woman named Laura who mentioned Judge Rae Ann French; she gave us our first dirty decision in 2004. Laura's contact information was removed though, because (says RipOff Report) lawyers often only further victimize the victims... drain money from them, with little benefit. They're right, since the law is enforced arbitrarily, the justice system has become a game of crapshoot. At the end of the story was a paragraph from another woman, named Kelly, who wrote in August of 2009. She and her husband were visiting Maine with their two young boys when... well, check it out.

Regarding another matter, Dennis Dechaine is still waiting for a new, fair trial, after twenty years in prison. More info can be found at

Do you think Maine should change its motto from "Maine Vacationland," to "Maine Incarcerationland"?

Contact the media!

I've written to the following reporters and told them what has happened to Attorney Fine. Please write and request a story! Paul Harris with the Observer Amanda Bronstad at the National Law Journal McClatchy Newspapers' Michaei Doyle

I've discovered another website devoted to restoring rights, and thought I'd paste it here:

F.R.A.M.E.D. (Family Rights And Many Ending Discrimination)

Monday, October 5, 2009

C-Span takes my question about Attorney Fine's case!

I'm ecstatic! I got on C-Span this morning!

I called into a series by the Washington Journal, airing this week (started yesterday) regarding the Supreme Court. The first time I dialed in, the line was busy. When I tried again I got through, and a woman asked what type of question I had. I told her it was regarding the status of a case that was recently scheduled for conference. She said it sounded like a good question, and she put me on hold.

My question to Doyle was this "Are you familiar with Attorney Richard Fine's case, which was set for conference on the 29th of September?" I told him that Leslie Dutton of Full Disclosure Network had done stories but the mainstream media hadn't.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rod and Carl's D.C. case

Harvey's email, to get the lawsuit in PDF form for Rod and Carl's case is

If you haven't gotten any information into the Congress yet, and want to send information about your due process rights case/s you can send your case # and general information about your case to Congress at:

House Judiciary Committee
2138 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515
(202) 225-3951

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Limiting Government

The Enumerated Powers Act, is a bill which Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona has been trying to pass for several years and which there is growing support in Congress for. You can view the list of co-sponsors at the website.

The Bill, H.R. 450 would require Congress to site the Constitutional authority for every bill it passes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dale Rodney v. United States Corporation

There's a case in Superior Court for the District of Columbia. The name of it is Dale Rodney v. United States Corporation. Rod Class (AKA Dale Rodney) holds conference calls at AIB Radio. Rod has been researching the law and our Constitution for some years, and has discovered that the way to file a case against the United States government is to do so through their corporation status.

The judge in this case has docketed that Eric Holder has defaulted... in other words, he failed to answer to the charges brought by Rod. He also mentioned that the judge who denied his motion to clarify the language, which is to be used in his case, mentioned the original Constitution. This is important, because it's an admission that there are versions which were put into play since the original; and that the language is in conflict with the language in the original.

I know from experience that they totally abuse certain words... "person" is one of them. Aren't I one? Yes, but I couldn't represent our corporation in U.S. Supreme Court.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attorney Fine still in jail

Here's a good link to Attorney Fine's story.

Machiavelli wrote about problems in government. He said they were like illnesses, difficult to detect at first, but "having gone unrecognized, they are allowed to increase until everyone may recognize them, then remedy is no longer possible."

Is it too late to cure the United States?

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Okay, I did it... no wait, I didn't."

Judges withdraw guilty pleas... oh please! This link is an update to a story in Pennsylvania which broke earlier this year, in February. I posted a link to it then.

9-12-09 March on Washington

Here's a link to the March in Washington D.C. About 2 million people attended to protest big government and wasteful spending.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good article by retired state trooper/professor, Andrew Wallace

Article by Andrew C. Wallace: "Most Officials and Judges of both parties violate the Constitution and are therefore Traitors..."

Fw: Re:Prison Issues/Concerns

I received an email from the Constituent Affairs Office for Governor Swarzennegger a few days ago. It must be in response to my message regarding Attorney Richard Fine. I asked the governor to order Fine released from the illegal imprisonment. Basically, they're telling me to contact the fox regarding the killing of hens. The courts and Bar Association are part of the corruption. If the governor won't step in, California - and one might assume all states - are doomed. Please people, write to the governor and demand Attorney Fine's release. They're using the "separation of powers" excuse. I don't believe our forefathers intended for it to be used as a way for members of one branch of government to pass on an opportunity to hold a member or members of another branch of government responsible for blatantly violating Constitutional rights.


----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 12:07 PM
Subject: Re:Prison Issues/Concerns

Thank you for your e-mail regarding a conviction. Issues about the validity of a conviction or sentence should be addressed to the courts. Our office cannot intervene in judicial matters like this one due to the constitutional separation of powers between the executive and judicial branches of government. An attorney is in the best position to assist you in this matter. If you are without funds to hire a private attorney, the State Public Defender or Prison Law Office may be able to assist you, or the State Bar may be able to refer you to private counsel willing to help. You may contact the State Bar at:

State Bar of California
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, California 94105
(415) 538-2000

Helpful information may also be found at the California State Bar website: Again, thank you for writing to share your views.

Office of Constituent Affairs

9th Circuit Court orders a "stay" in Richard Fine's case

Leslie Dutton of Full Disclosure Network sent me this link to the latest news regarding Attorney Richard Fine, It's good news!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swarzenegger - The People's Governor... is he?

Conditions in the state prisons in California are so bad, and there's so much overcrowding that a group of federal judges has given the governor 45 days from August 4 (so end of September) to improve conditions, or they may step in. Read the story by Mike Zapler.

September 29 is the day the U.S. Supreme Court justices will hold a conference and consider taking Attorney Fine's case. 
Information regarding Attorney Fine will be distributed to the justices for conference on September 29, 2009. 

Check it out: Video made by Attorney Fine at a town hall meeting just before he got locked up. The governor has a duty to protect the people of his state; however, Arnold Schwarzenneger signed a bill (SBX 211) giving retroactive immunity to the judges who accepted the payments which Richard Fine has been trying to get returned to California taxpayers. Judge Yaffe jailed Attorney Fine soon after, and he's been trying to get released ever since! His writ of habeas corpus was denied. His Certificate of Appealability is pending in 9th Circuit Court.

Attorney Fine has committed no crime, yet he's been kept in jail since the beginning of March... on false contempt of court charges. This is nonsense! The governor was wrong to sign a bill giving the judges immunity from prosecution for accepting the illegal payments. SBX 211 was snuck into a budget package which the governor approved in February of 2009. 

A story at the Metropolitan News-Enterprise explains. Justice Patricia Benke reversed a lower court's grant of summary judgment to the county; and on December 24, 2008 the California Supreme Court denied a review of that decision...Merry Christmas! The authority to determine compensation for the judges belongs with the state legislature, not the county.  

I sent an email to Governor Arnold Swarzenegger, asking him to release Mr. Fine. 
This country is desparate for a return to law and order. Our government officials, right along with large corporations, are the biggest violators of our rights!


This will make your jaw drop!

I thought I'd post a case which I found while researching certain portions of the Maine Health Security Act (MHSA). It's Pease v. Kester. The judge in this case who let the doctor off the hook is Judge Marden; he's the judge who affirmed a decision in one of our cases. He's also the judge who denied Dennis Dechaine's motion for post-conviction review after DNA test results proved his DNA did not match the DNA found on the murder victim; that DNA, which is believed to belong to the killer, has yet to be identified.

Here's a link to the Maine Supreme Court decision which affirmed the Superior Court decision by Judge Don Marden in Pease v. Kester, dismissing the rape victim's claim... saying it was governed by the MHSA... provisions of the Act, make it near impossible to get your case to trial. The doctor hid behind the laws governing medical malpractice; but was this a medical malpractice case? The operation was obviously a success!

Here's a link to Dan Clement's show, where you can access a summary of the case in a conference call on 8-13-09. No case better illustrates why we need healthcare reform, judicial accountability, and tort reform than does Pease v. Kester. Well, my son's case Aaron Michaud v. Blue Hill Memorial et al makes the point quite well also... his was one of an obvious medical misdiagnosis. Justice Ellen Gorman granted summary judgment to defendants after they admitted a valid claim existed to defend against... preventing us from getting to trial.

A link to the 1017-page healthcare bill - H.R. 3200

I was sent a link to the healthcare reform bill by a woman named Meredith.

She summarized some of the provisions: "Page 317, Doctors: You are now prohibited from owning and investing in healthcare companies!"

If this is true, it should stir some serious debate in Maine especially, because most doctors here get their liability insurance through the physician-owned Medical Mutual Insurance Company of Maine; the doctors are shareholders of the insurance company which provides them liability insurance for malpractice. I wrote about this in older posts, and how because of it plaintiffs with cases of medical malpractice have difficulty securing a law firm to represent them, or a doctor to testify on their behalf. You see, if a law firm represents just one doctor, they don't want to take your case because they'll be going up against their client's company, so to speak. They consider that a conflict of interest. Not being able to obtain a lawyer is one reason why victims of medical malpractice have little to no chance of winning their cases in Maine.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summary on Richard Fine

A Los Angeles Times story by Victoria Kim is a good place to learn why Attorney Richard Fine was sent to prison by Judge Yaffe.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kathryn and K2GS - Trial by the public

The judicial system is broken - maybe beyond repair. On Wednesday, I hope to discuss Attorney Richard Fine's case and that of Dennis Dechaine with Kathryn and other judicial reform advocates at Kollective Acquisitions at the BlogTalk Radio .

Kathryn is into green construction, that is building homes which are friendly to the environment; and she promotes social responsibility as well. She has set aside Wednesdays as "Justice Day." She will take a few cases, discuss them, and ask listeners to give their verdicts... a sort of trial by the public. The call-in number to her show is 347-945-7100. The time of the call will be 11:30 a.m. eastern time... that's 8:30 a.m. pacific.

To submit a case, write to Kathryn at and to send your verdict on a case, email her at

Souter remembered - "Alden" and "Kelo" decisions

As he exits the scene soon, I think about Justice Souter's dissent in a 1999 U.S. Supreme Court case involving a group of roughly 60 probation officers and a violation of 1938 Federal Standand Labor Laws (FSLA) by the State of Maine. The officers, one whose last name was Alden, had been jipped of their overtime pay and both the state and federal courts turned their backs on them. Souter dissented in the U.S. Supreme Court case.

From Wikipedia: Alden v. Maine

From Cornell University: Syllabus in Alden v. Maine (98-436) 527 U.S. 706 (1999)

And here's a June 24, 1999 article by David Savage of the LA Times, Rulings Give States Broad Immunity Against Lawsuits, which mentions the decision and others regarding federalism and the sovereign rights of states.

However, most people will remember Souter as the justice who was part of the majority in Kelo v. City of New London, and whose home in Weare, New Hampshire Clarence Darrow Clements tried to take by eminent domain and turn it into the "Lost Liberty Hotel." The U.S. Supreme Court decision affirmed the Connecticut Supreme Court decision which allowed the taking of private property by eminent domain, for the benefit of a developer who promised to improve the neighborhood... people's homes were leveled.

So how is the redevelopment project going? It isn't. About Fort Trumbell from Tom Blumer:

Out of balance...

Here's an article by Laura Lynn, Los Angelos Family Courts Examiner, and Michael Warnken, judicial reform activist:

How to end the corruption in court

While increasing representation is part of the solution; we need to hold those representatives accountable or all is lost. While Californians only have 1 representative per roughly half a million people, Mainers (Mainiacs some call us) have 1 representative per about 8000 people... and we're in trouble because we haven't really got their ear!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Judicial corruption cases making progress..."

Great News! It seems Attorney Richard Fine's case will be considered by the U.S. Supreme Court! Dr. Shirley Moore, who holds conference calls on Sundays at 7 pm pacific (10 pm eastern time), gave us the lowdown on Attorney Fine's case. She's a good friend of his and is in touch regularly. Another case, one against the Department of Health and Human Services, is being distributed for consideration as well. The certiorari petition was filed by a woman (Carmen Powell) and it involves parental rights. Parent are being abused by the Health and Human Services of San Diego County. Dr. Shirley says that the U.S. Supreme Court has not taken a case such as this one involving family court and parental rights in 26 years!

Now is our time... make noise! Write letters to your local papers. Let the media know that we're watching to see how they report on the high court's handling of these cases involving the basic right to a fair trial.

At you'll find information regarding United States Supreme Court cases.

More information regarding Attorney Fine's case is found at:

And Carmen Powell's at:

And here's a link to the video by KNBC about Attorney Fine which was nominated for an emmy award! A short advertisement will play first.

Recently the Supreme Court heard a case Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal Co., involving a judge in Virginia who should have recused himself from a case but didn't... I believe the majority made a good decision. Chief Justice Roberts wrote a very lengthy dissent; Justice Scalia was in the minority as well.

Regarding Sonia Sotomayor, the Judiciary Committee should NOT let her on the Supreme Court! She's dishonest; furthermore, Attorney Fine might take the job once he's released from jail. I believe that the people of this country would choose him over any "good old boy" or girl!

The following was recently sent to me in a news release: "Evidence That Judge Sotomayor Withheld Self-Incriminating Financial Information From the Senators And What You Can Do..." by Richard Cordero:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I posted to Wikipedia!

I posted about Carlos R. Moreno, who is being considered to fill the vacant U.S. Supreme Court justice seat; but someone removed it from the main page for Moreno! If you click on the date and time of my post, May 23 at 8:28, in "history" you'll get to it. I posted under the name Martha Mitchell. She was the wife of John Mitchell's, attorney general when the Watergate scandal unfolded. Nobody believed it when she told them that her husband was involved. Before I met other people who are trying to do something about the corrupt judges, I felt that nobody believed me, or cared enough to do anything about it.

Here's a direct link to my post on Moreno: Possible nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. What I wrote begins at "From Judicial Watch, at the urging of the Los Angeles Superior Court..."

I also wrote about judicial immunity and JAIL 4 Judges, but that was hidden as well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

U.S. Supreme Court nominee - the will of the people!

Obama will choose nominee soon. He's been to California recently. Do you think he's heard about the petition to make Richard Fine one of the nominees?

Petition to make Richard Fine United States Supreme Court justice nominee.

Fine was jailed by California judges who didn't like the idea of his exposing their little scheme. Please sign the petition. The jailing of innocent people should not be taken lightly. Make your voice heard!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Join us on BlogTalkRadio on Memorial Day - 9:00 Eastern Time

David Ewing has posted my bio! Check it out. I'm scheduled to be on his show on Memorial Day. David has a chat room where you can post a question or comment.

Enumerated Powers Act

U.S. Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona's 3rd District, has been trying for years to get a law passed called The Enumerated Powers Act. It would require that Congress cite the constitutional authority for every bill it passes... we need to do this because our politicians do not realize (or care) that they are violating our Constitutional rights with the passage of numerous bills.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Voters deceived - Wikipedia post on J.A.I.L. amendment.

Voters in South Dakota defeated J.A.I.L. in 2006, but had they been deceived by Attorney General Larry Long’s summary of the 4-page amendment called J.A.I.L., of which he was an opponent?

I just made my first Wikipedia post, regarding fraud by the attorney general regarding the J.A.I.L. amendment in the 2006 election. The title of my post is S.D. Supreme Court says Amendment E was not "objective." Oh, I see, you have to click on History, and then the time and date of the post... because someone has deleted my post from the main page. 13:45, 19 May 2009.: "In the South Dakota elections of 2006..."

Oh, here's a video on red light runners - showing cops in Austin Texas running the lights for no reason. I read about the city's program to place cameras at red light intersections and I thought it was a good idea, at first; but then I learned that the same company which leases these cameras to the city also reviews the videos, helping the city determine if a fine should be imposed or not. Might that be a conflict of interest? I posted earlier about a city council member being removed by police (or security) when he mentioned something about it. He wanted the city manager to take a cut in pay so the city could continue to fund the program. Apparently, he'd been warned not to talk about it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Awesome - Religious, social journal! Read online.

I met a man named Melvin Sickler in Madawaska a few days ago. He writes for the "Michael Journal" and gave me a complimentary copy of the publication.

A Judge For the People - Fine!

There's a petition to make Attorney Richard Fine our next U.S. Supreme Court justice! Dr. Shirley Moore says that Obama wants someone who is a voice for the people! Petition for Richard Fine to be the new member of the U.S. Supreme Court justice. One of the candidates being considered, Carlos Moreno, is one of the judges who received retroactive immunity, and he had a hand in Richard Fine's imprisonment!

Watch a video made of an interview with Fine the day before he was locked up.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Really, really, dirty judges jail Fine!

Help get Attorney Richard Fine out of jail! Click here to sign the petition calling for an investigation by California Attorney General Jerry Brown.

Richard exposed corrupt judges in California.

Professors of Flaw

It's too bad the Maine Supreme Court won't allow Husson College to start up their own law school, or should I say won't let students who attend take the BAR exam. Husson wanted to open a law school in Bangor, which is halfway up the state, but the Supreme Court of Maine won't let students take the Bar exam without first attending an accredited school... that is, one under the thumb of the Maine and American Bar Associations. You'll find the order at Recent Maine Supreme Court decisions all the way down at the bottom of the page. SJC-242, June 3, 2008.

I got a letter from the ABA about a month ago, after I provided them with a copy of my reconsideration request to the Maine Supreme Court asking that they hear my son's medical malpractice case. A summary judgment to defendants was granted after what I believe to be a fraudulently made motion for it by their attorney, Daniel Rapaport of Preti Flaherty. Here's the February of 2008 Maine Supreme Court decision in Aaron Michaud v. Blue Hill Memorial et al The ABA said it couldn't help... that the authority to discipline an attorney ultimately rests with that state's Supreme Court.

You'll see from the Supreme Court's order regarding Husson's program, many individuals supported the college's attempt to start a law school.

Professor Cabanne Howard teaches at the University of Maine Law School. He's also the chair of the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability... which has dismissed all three of my complaints! Howard worked in the office of the Maine attorney general for about a quarter century. When I filed my a complaint in October of 2006, my third one against judges, I cc'd it to Peter Pittegoff, Dean of the law school; he did not respond to my letter.

Dad would have liked the following quote. He felt that highly educated people often lack common sense.

I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.

~Michel de Montaigne

I'm constantly having to prioritize: how much time to spend working on finding a publisher, getting our cases heard, and finishing the book... not to mention I have a family, a home, a job, and a property rental business!

J.K.Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, was rejected by about a dozen publishers until Bloomsbury finally took her work. Don't mention it - I've already sent sample chapters to the Bloomsbury in England; my book isn't the "black swan" they're looking for.

Do you know who William Loeb is? Kevin Cash wrote about him. Here's an article about Loeb and Cash, who exposed Loeb through a book. Loeb was a powerful newspaper editor; he was responsible for printing a letter (Canuck letter) about our Maine Senator Ed Muskie, who might have beat Richard Nixon if he hadn't lost important primaries after trying to defend himself against the letter whose writer - it was later discovered - was paid by the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP). The letter, and Loeb's remarks about Muskie's wife, prompted a speech by Muskie in which he appeared to cry. It was snowing that day in February of 1972. The public perceived Muskie as weak, and he dropped out of the presidential race soon after. George McGovern, who was a weaker candidate, lost to Nixon. That summer, several men were arrested for breaking into the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel...


The moose probably read about Maine judges and politicians and decided to call it quits.


Ya, real useful. When I tried the links to U.S. Senator Collins, and U.S. Representatives Michaud and Tom Allen, they didn't work... and at U.S. Senator Snowe's website:

"It has come to my attention from a constituent whose comminication with my office was not received..."

Need I say more?

CFOJA / Fine / J.A.I.L.

Don't miss CFOJA's First Anniversary Show, with Zena Crenshaw Logal! May 15, 2009

J.A.I.L. 4 Judges and Citizens' Forum On Judicial Accountability (CFOJA) would like to see judicial accountability. CFOJA’s 16-page report, which came out on May 7, 2009 and which was submitted to our 111th Congress, “includes an appendix of case profiles summarizing real court battles,"

One court battle which should have this country in a roar is that of Richard Fine, who was jailed indefinitely, without opportunity to post bail after he exposed corruption: judges in Los Angelos were receiving money illegally from the county. From the 5-07-09 CFOJA report just mentioned:

Many nonlawyers and some lawyers publicly contend that improper bias prevails among judges against certain minorities and in favor of big business [defense, pharmaceutical, insurance...], the rich, the powerful, the influential, the politically connected, and U.S. local, state, as well as federal government.

You'll find the report and recommendations at the home of CFOJA. The report says:

The president of a judges' association was among several distinguished invitees who committed to or showed considerable interest in attending the CFOJA but failed to show.

JAIL 4 Judges is one of 3 major grassroots initiatives endorsed by the Citizens' Forum On Judicial Accountability.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't forget about the petitions posted on April 23, 2009! Scroll down and click on older posts.

Iranian-held journalist freed!

Below is part of an email I received last night from Care2 after a petition helped get a journalist home. 

----- Original Message -----

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Coordinated Approach to Take America Back (TAB)

Listen to this 4/11/09 conference call for a few minutes, starting at about 5:50 with "Upon this ethernal truth..." and until Walt Myers (Tyrant Tamer) mentions the 1994 pledge of thirty governors.

There's more good stuff at 18:50-26:50. Quoting Coach Christocrat (Dobbinmeyer?): "Lay down your own agenda... if we're going to reclaim this culture we need to be one mind, one purpose"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thousands Avoid Car Registration Fees - KMGH Denver

I received some documents from Neil Strong, another Mainer. He has filed the papers which are mentioned in the article above... the paperwork was emailed to him by Steve Byfield from Colorado. I spoke with Steve recently, huh, and he sent an attachment showing his license plate which is self-made, and says "Natural being", "Unenfranchised", "Inhabitant." Neil's email address is, if you want to write to him for the paperwork. I'm considering filing the paperwork myself, and recording it at the registry of deeds.

I'm listening to Patriot's Heart with Tim Dyer for the first time. Groups around the country want to work together to take back our liberties! Alright, let's do it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

City council member removed from Meeting by mayor - Texas

Youtube video

Video cameras were being used to catch red light runners, and this city council member wanted to discuss a solution which involved cutting the mayor or city manager's pay.

I had read about the "red light" camera project in Texas and thought they were a good idea at first. The program was so successful in reducing red light running in fact, that the city was considering "idling" some of the cameras, which were rented. Later I read that a woman who got a ticket contested it. Her husband was a lawyer, and he argued that it was wrong for the camera company to act like law enforcement. The tickets get processed according to, I believe, reviews of the tapes made by the camera companies... that would be a conflict of interest. Here's a link to a 12-page report on red light

Do you think if we placed cameras in all of the courthouses, randomly turning them on without the judges knowledge, we might get decisions that actually make sense?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

LD 1435 Reporting "Sentinel Events"

If legislators really cared about us, they'd get rid of the discrimination against plaintiffs in medical malpractice lawsuits instead of simply imposing fines on the medical profession for non-reporting of errors. See the article at the bottom of this page, by Maine Attorney David Very, regarding the 2006 Maine Supreme Court decision Smith v. Hawthorne.

Some of the errors, called Sentinel Events, which hospitals in Maine must report or face fines for not reporting are: operating on the wrong body part, performing the wrong operation, operating on the wrong person, discharging an infant to the wrong person, etc..

This bill gives immunity to a person who in good faith reports a suspected sentinel event or a sentinel event, or expresses regret or an apology to the patient or the patient's family.

This bill increases the civil penalty to no more than $25,000, instead of $5,000, authorizes the division to collect the civil penalty without going to court and gives the health care facility the right to request an administrative hearing to contest the imposition of a penalty.

Hmmm... sounds sort of like a "hush" fee. Gee, imagine if contractors had that option: "Sorry, we built you a ranch instead of a cape. And, oh, we built it on the wrong land, and there's a leak in the roof... we're really sorry. There, now that we've apologized, we don't have to compensate you for our error."

At the public hearing on the bills to increase judicial salaries, which I testified at, I told the judiciary committee that LD 322 was a ridiculous bill; and that they'd look like fools if they voted to pass it. The bill says that Worker's Comp doesn't have to pay for medical errors caused by doctors and hospitals. No dah! Why do we need a bill for that? Because it appears that worker's comp and Mainecare have been footing the bill for doctor errors in Maine!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LD 1345, item 1 - Direct Initiative and People's Veto in danger!

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 3:09 PM
Subject: HP0946, LD 1345, item 1 - Direct Initiative and People's Veto in danger!

Okay, this nonsense must stop! Legislators have "concurred" or agreed to further limit our rights again! They want to increase the number of signatures (current at 10% of total votes for governor in the last held election) which are needed for a Citizen's Initiative or People's Veto. They want us to gather 20% of the total of gubernatorial votes! Are they nuts? They also want to limit the Citizen's Petition (which they call a "Direct Initiative") to "one subject."
In fact, they're passing, amending, repealing, and then passing again, so many laws that we should limit them from passing bills without the support of a percentage of the public.

I'm listening to testimony in the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee hearing now... I'm logged in at They're discussing opening Sunday hunting in Maine. Someone just mentioned that in the past 32 years this bill or ones similar to it, have come to the legislature 28 times! Polls show that about 75% of the public oppose Sunday hunting. Landowners who open their properties to hunters and others deserve one day a week off, don't they, without risking being shot? They're very generous with the use of their lands, and if we pass Sunday hunting, they could simply close their lands to everyone... even bird watchers.

We need to find a way to limit the bills being proposed. There are way too many; and we need to repeal statutes which are clearly in violation of our rights - like the portion of the Maine Health Security Act which makes prelitigation panels mandatory in medical malpractice case.

In judiciary committee they're discussing LD 1020 - gay marriage. Senator Bliss just mentioned that over 2000 comment sheets were received regarding the bill. There was some noise in the background just now; I believe that a woman was removed from the room. Bliss made a comment: "I'll clear this room." He then said they'd take a 3 minute recess. It's 2:15 as I'm writing. He said again at the beginning of the meeting: "We start the meeting at 1:00 sharp as always." He's being sarcastic; they're always late, by about a 1/2 hour this time.

Okay, committee is back, and Bliss is telling people that the public may NOT speak in these work sessions... that opportunity comes in public hearings held days or weeks earlier, usually. Committee member Joan Nass mentioned that about 90% of emails she received (and she received thousands) were in opposition to the bill and she'd vote against it. Now there goes the chair again, lecturing "I want to make Maine a better place... I have three children," and also "this is all about fairness." So why did he vote "ought not to pass" on LD 491 which would have eliminated discriminatory law? Now he tells the public "I'm a gay man... this is extremely personal to me."

Jarod Crockett opposes LD 1020... so does Joan Nass. Hastings says the bill is not about civil rights, but about the definition of marriage, and he suggests an amendment to it, but to pass it. All others support the bill. Hastings says it will go to referendum no matter what the committee votes... because of the huge amount of public interest.

Paula Michaud

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Petition to get Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) Judges should not be immune for clearly bad decisions.

Petition for Redress of Grievances Addressed to United States Congress, the United States Supreme Court, and President Obama. This covers so much!

Petition to Remove Maine Director of Animal Welfare Norma Worley
John Yates of The American Sporting Dog Alliance wrote a petition and is gathering signatures to boycott Maine if Director Worley isn't removed from her position and if LD 964 passes into law. Signers call Worley's procedures "Draconian."

Petition to Reunite a Mother and Daughter - Missouri Misery Courts and state: are they conspiring against innocent parents?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Email to Maine Judiciary Committee

In an email to the judiciary committee, I wrote:

There are numerous unforeseeable benefits to having a good working judicial system. Imagine how many people would want to move to Maine if we passed judicial accountability law. I think we'd have a population explosion! Again, please draft emergency legislation to get rid of discriminatory laws in Maine, and pass J.A.I.L. to stop the abuse of due process rights in our courts, by judges.

Paula Michaud

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Triage nurse ignored patient!

A $3 million settlement in California awarded when medical malpractice resulted in a death. I posted a comment today under the story.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Cost of Justice

Fees involved in filing lawsuits, including service of process, should not be borne by plaintiffs.

I propose that the cost of "justice" be deferred until after a case is decided. Then, the losing party gets charged the filing fee. Such a system would treat both parties equally, and enhance participation by the courts in the collection process. I've proposed this to Maine's judiciary committee. Parties often have difficulty collecting awards.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Your Civic Duty!

E-mails I've sent to Maine television and radio stations asking them to report about LD 491 have gone unanswered... and some came back undeliverable. I just copied the emails from the 2009 Maine Association of Broadcasters book! You can get a copy of the MAB directory by calling 1-800-664-6221.

You can listen, at, to the public hearings held in Augusta. Judges aren't using the discretion they have properly, or aren't applying the law correctly or consistently. Because of this, people are proposing laws in an effort to make judges more responsible. I've asked legislators to reconsider their "ought not to pass" vote on LD 491.

Call legislators and demand reform of our justice system, by passing J.A.I.L. Call the media and ask that they do a story about J.A.I.L.

" Liberty will not descend to a people, a people must raise themselves to Liberty."
~ Emma Goldman

Monday, April 6, 2009

Government Oversight Committee (GOC)

I just opened my snail mail. A letter came from the Maine State Legislature's Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability! Beth Ashcroft, the program's director, has acknowledged receiving my request for an investigation of the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability and of the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar! However, it may be a while before any investigation gets done. Aschroft wrote:

The GOC is currently considering topics for OPEGA's work plan for the next year.

Their telephone number is 287-1901. If you care about our justice system in Maine, you should call and tell them that you support an investigation... prompto!

I also got something from the American Bar Association. They won't help. They say they have no authority over state bar associations. Quoting Frank Brewer at the ABA Service Center:

Ultimate authority for lawyer discipline in each state lies with the supreme court of that state.

Immobile Media

I sent the judiciary committee an email this morning, asking them to reconsider their decision regarding LD 491. I made suggestions for new drafts to address three very important issues: judicial accountability, discriminatory law regarding medical malpractice cases, and UPL laws.

My message to the committee included an attachment which has information regarding the due process rights violations by judges against myself, my son, and a few other individuals in Maine which I have been keeping in touch with. A group called Due Process Defenders submitted summaries of our cases, as well as those of others around the country, to the judiciary committee of our United States Congress! I cc'd the email to the following television stations.

TV WVII 7 and WFVX 22 Phone: 945-6457
TV WPME-DT 35 Phone: 774-0051
TV WPFO Phone: 823-0023
TV WMTW Phone: 775-1800
TV WLBZ Phone: 942-4821
TV WGME Phone: 797-1313
TV WCSH6 Phone: 828-6666
TV WBGR-33 Phone: 947-3300
TV WAGM-8 Phone: 764-4461
TV WABI 5 Phone: 947-8321

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bastille Day and Severin Beliveau - Retract Award

----- Original Message ----- To:
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 4:50 PM
Subject: Bastille Day and Severin Beliveau

Dear Mr. Caillol / Senior Liaison Legal Advisor to Ambassador of France Peirre Vimont,

You should have received information regarding my son's medical malpractice case, which I sent to you a few weeks ago, at

Embassy of France in Washington
4101 Resevoir Road
Washington D.C. NW, 20007

I believe that you should consider retracting the honor which your country bestowed upon Severin Beliveau, partner of the law firm Preti Flaherty... at least until the law firm admits that Attorney Daniel Rapaport acted unethically in asking for summary judgment in my son's medical malpractice case. The clients of the law firm (the physicians who treated my son) admitted in paperwork, filed in Androscoggin Superior Court, that "a valid claim existed to defend." The purpose of summary judgment, I'm sure you're aware, is to weed out frivolous cases which have no merit. Because a judge granted it, inappropriately, we've been unable to get to trial. Attempts to get this matter addressed by the Maine Supreme Court have resulted in more prejudice, and more assaults on our constitutional rights. We've recently asked the justices to reconsider their decision, and grant my son a trial. He continues to have problems with his arm.

Would you please write to the Maine Supreme Court in support of a trial being held in this matter? Their address is:

P.O. Box 368, Portland ME 04112-0368

Sincerely, Paula Michaud