Sunday, May 30, 2010

Threat of citizen's arrest gets children returned.

Greg Fischer was on Dr. Shirley's show tonight for a while. About 45 minutes into the show he mentioned he's running for Senate; and he told about how he got his children back by threatening to perform a citizen's arrest of a judge! Way to go Greg.

Greg has started his own newspaper. And, on his MySpace page, Greg says "I'm just an ordinary American citizen who's fed up with the same old political system & the good for nothing politicians in Washington D.C. I've decided that the only way i can change things is to run for office myself. I'm running for State Senate 1st District of N.Y."

Suicide or Murder? Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband Bruce

Nancy was exposing what amounts to child kidnapping by Child Protection Services. Yes, in the United States children are being taken away from good parents, and sold. Here's the story. 

Ted Gunderson is a former FBI agent, and he's a guest on Dr. Shirley Moore's show tonight and will talk about the deaths. You can listen to the show at

Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mobile home park for sale - Kijiji

Me and my husband (Pete) have the same initials. PJM Properties is the name of the company we opened up about ten years ago, for our real estate investments. If the Maine judges would have allowed us to collect on money owed our construction company (PJM Builders) we might not have closed it down. 

PJM Properties is still alive, barely. We have a mobile home park for sale, which includes a four bedroom house. Here's the listing from Kijiji... you can advertise a property with Kijiji for free! Okay, that's enough blogging for me today. Good night.    

Randy Steidl - from death-row to freedom!

Randy Steidl was released from prison in 2004 after serving 17 years for a double murder he didn't commit. Dezert interviewed him recently. The show should be available soon in the archives of Free America Radio Network; I just placed a link to the website over to the right... see the flashing star?

The law impractical? Nonsense

In Maine, a person approved for medical marijuana use can have six plants, but only three may be mature; and when it's time to harvest your weed, you can only harvest a limited amount... but marijuana doesn't wait. Like any crop, it has to be harvested when ripe. A Maine man gives his opinion about Maine's medical marijuana law. 

And about a week ago, a Pittsfield man had his marijuana plants seized. The man, who the reporter stated had severe degenerative disk disease, had a prescription for it and had been growing marijuana for himself and three other individuals who had apparently appointed him to be their pot provider. So four people times six plants equals 24 plants. The guy had 25 plants... so, one over? NINE officers showed up at his doorstep! 

And the laws aren't about to get any less ambiguous so long as lawyers can continue to work in the legislative as well as the judicial branch. Let me use an analogy to explain why not. Let's say I work at a veterinarian's office as a dog groomer. I discover that a certain chemical added to a dog's drinking water will make it's hair grow extremely fast. So I start serving up the spiked water to every dog that visits the place, and business begins to boom. I have job security, and so does the vet. 

Judges and lawyers have job security in unclear laws. The Constitution says we must have "separation of powers"... of the three branches of government that is. Just in case there are any honest lawyers out there, I'm sorry if I offended you; and will you please contact me? There are several cases I would like to discuss with you.    

Monday, May 24, 2010

CNN Interviews jailed Attorney Richard Fine.

Just in! I received an email from Joe Zernik (PH. D.) who made a video on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court; it's regarding his "motion to intervene" in Attorney Fine's case; and here are videos of CNN interviews with Fine, his family, and others.

Following the CNN videos is one regarding Lindsay Lohan; and here's a website with links to Lohan stories. She didn't show up for one of her probation hearings regarding a Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, dating back to 2007, and the judge issued a warrant for her arrest; but Lohan's legal team posted the $100,000 bail, so she wouldn't have to do time. Is justice for sale? I think so.  

Friday, May 21, 2010

A new courthouse does not mean we'll get more justice.

I couldn't locate anything regarding Vladek Filler's hearing yesterday. I had planned to go, but didn't. I spoke to Filler's sister Wednesday night, and she left me a voice message after the hearing. No decision's been made regarding the state's arguments against his new trial.

I don't think the media covered it. When I googled the case, I found nothing but older stories, like this one at MDN (Mens News Daily) last month. 

I didn't hear about the "Dedication and Tours" of the new $36.4 million Penobscot Judicial Center until late morning of the day of the dedication, Wednesday. It would have been a great place to inform the public about the Filler case, which was heard the next day.

The center was reportedly built under Justice Warren Silver's  guidance. Silver is the former attorney of famous fiction author from Bangor Maine, Stephen King. Unfortunately, judicial corruption is very real in Maine and other states.  

RenewAmerica - Carey Roberts

Mr. Roberts sends out a newsletter in which one of his article's appears. Here's the one I received yesterday; it's regarding constitutional rights  ... the taking away of.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Time of hearing changed to 9:00 am

I just discovered that the hearing on motion for new trial for Vladek Filler has been changed to 9:00 a.m.; so I changed the time in an earlier post I made regarding the hearing, from 9:45 to ???????????? I'm trying to reach the clerk of the court (561-2314) to find out what their policy is regarding video cameras, and if they'll be allowing the public in... they should. If not, all courtwatchers should be on the streets protesting.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet Dezert Owl

Carl, Rod, Maria, and Harvey can be found on The Real Public Radio and AIB Radio, with Dezert Owl as well as on Talkshoe. I listened to some of Dezert's show tonight; a link to it is posted at the bottom of this page.

Dezert let me say a few words and I mentioned a case involving Maine and well, international child abduction. The name of the case in 1st Circuit Court, ruled on recently, is Nicolson v. Pappalardo.   

Friday, May 14, 2010

January 8, 2010 - Comment disappeared!

I thought I'd try to find out what that comment said which someone wrote and I allowed to appear on my blog on January 8, in Chinese. I was going to use one of those online language converters to figure out what it said. I don't know if it would have worked; however, when I went to copy the comment just now, I discovered it was gone... and I never deleted or removed it! You can see the trail there; the comment was posted under news regarding Attorney Fine and a Supreme Court case. Now when you click on it there's nothing there. 

What's going on? First Tank Man vanishes (in 1989), then Google pulls out of China (earlier this year)... and now this! I swear patriots, we'd better get our act together soon; quoting from the Wikipedia story on Tank Man and the demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, "The protests lacked a unified cause or leadership..."

Judicial accountability is what is uniting many of us... the lack of it that is. Once we have it we can hold government officials and politicians as well as judges accountable when they misbehave.   

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your political will, and scripture record.

These are a few of the first documents you should file with the Great Registry if you want to be a sovereign; and begin to assemble with other men and women on your county, or you'll have nobody to stand by you.
It's encouraging to know that many men and women who are (or were) leading major reform efforts and not getting remedy in the current corporate government, are beginning to realize that they must educate others about how things used to be on the Republic... and how to get back to that civilian form of government.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guilty until proven innocent? Dennis Dechaine, Vladek Filler... you could be next!

Will the media cover the hearing? At this time there are nearly 3000 views of this video, which Assistant D.A. Mary Kellett apparently kept out of trial.

Please circulate the video, which I've placed in "My Favorite Videos." Filler has a website, From it:
"On March 2, 2009, after examining the transcripts from Mr. Filler's trial and after considering Asst. DA Mary Kellett's conduct in this case, Honorable Justice Kevin M. Cuddy signed an order GRANTING Mr. Filler's motion for new trial due to prosecutorial misconduct by Asst. DA Mary Kellett."
Carey Roberts wrote about Mr. Filler's case and titled his story "In Maine, it doesn't pay to be a man." Misandy is the hatred of men.
"In one case, Kellett summed up the case to the jury with this comment, "there has been no evidence presented to you as the jury that would suggest that a sexual act hadn't occurred on those dates," revealing a sad ignorance of the legal principle that the burden of proof falls on the plaintiff."
Sound familiar? The prosecution in Dennis Dechaine's case used such arguments to convince a jury to convict Dennis, who is still waiting for his new trial after spending twenty years in jail! Books have been written on the police errors and prosecutorial misconduct which misled a jury to find Dennis guilty of murder over twenty years ago. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court will hear oral arguments in a hearing for a new trial for Filler. Details are posted at

WHEN:       May 19, 2010, ?????? AM
WHERE:    At Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor ME
CASE:         Han-09-183 State of Maine v. Vladek Filler
Penobscot Judicial Center is located at 78 Exchange Street, Bangor, Maine 04401-4913. Telephone (207) 561-2314. Court watchers are needed! Please consider attending, and ask media people around the country to report this story.

Michael Povich, former District Attorney of Hancock County, didn't mention Kellett in a story about his retirement in the beginning of 2010; but people who commented about the story mentioned her.

Neil Fishman has been hired by the state to defend Mr. Filler. Go figure, our taxpayers are paying one attorney to defend the man, and another to prosecute him!