Thursday, May 3, 2007

Phone Hex - Self employed, Officer?

A package I sent to Governor Baldacci regarding Judge Ellen Gorman of Androscoggin Superior Court, and Judge Rae Ann French of Augusta District Court was received by his office on April 9, 2007, delivery confirmation # 7007 0220 0004 3623 5605, trackable at the usps website. Soon after his office received the information, Governor Baldacci nominated these judges for reappointments without any investigation, though I'd sent him proof of their incompetence and bias!

Judge Gorman ruled against my husband, Pete, in a case against the Maine Department of Labor. By their own rules, due to the fact that his unemployment was due to a lack of work, he wasn't subject to an interview, but the Department of Labor conducted one anyway... I labeled that chapter of my book, Phone Hex. In 2005, Gorman dismissed with prejudice his case against the Maine Department of Labor. Obviously we had a good claim: the state had required our corporation to pay unemployment taxes on Pete's wages as an officer/employee, but when it was time to dish out money (we were closing the company) they said he was a self-employed individual, and denied benefits! Cases are dismissed with prejudice only when they are frivolous, or have no logical basis whatsoever. She's so dirty!