Saturday, May 29, 2010

The law impractical? Nonsense

In Maine, a person approved for medical marijuana use can have six plants, but only three may be mature; and when it's time to harvest your weed, you can only harvest a limited amount... but marijuana doesn't wait. Like any crop, it has to be harvested when ripe. A Maine man gives his opinion about Maine's medical marijuana law. 

And about a week ago, a Pittsfield man had his marijuana plants seized. The man, who the reporter stated had severe degenerative disk disease, had a prescription for it and had been growing marijuana for himself and three other individuals who had apparently appointed him to be their pot provider. So four people times six plants equals 24 plants. The guy had 25 plants... so, one over? NINE officers showed up at his doorstep! 

And the laws aren't about to get any less ambiguous so long as lawyers can continue to work in the legislative as well as the judicial branch. Let me use an analogy to explain why not. Let's say I work at a veterinarian's office as a dog groomer. I discover that a certain chemical added to a dog's drinking water will make it's hair grow extremely fast. So I start serving up the spiked water to every dog that visits the place, and business begins to boom. I have job security, and so does the vet. 

Judges and lawyers have job security in unclear laws. The Constitution says we must have "separation of powers"... of the three branches of government that is. Just in case there are any honest lawyers out there, I'm sorry if I offended you; and will you please contact me? There are several cases I would like to discuss with you.    

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