Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guilty until proven innocent? Dennis Dechaine, Vladek Filler... you could be next!

Will the media cover the hearing? At this time there are nearly 3000 views of this video, which Assistant D.A. Mary Kellett apparently kept out of trial.

Please circulate the video, which I've placed in "My Favorite Videos." Filler has a website, From it:
"On March 2, 2009, after examining the transcripts from Mr. Filler's trial and after considering Asst. DA Mary Kellett's conduct in this case, Honorable Justice Kevin M. Cuddy signed an order GRANTING Mr. Filler's motion for new trial due to prosecutorial misconduct by Asst. DA Mary Kellett."
Carey Roberts wrote about Mr. Filler's case and titled his story "In Maine, it doesn't pay to be a man." Misandy is the hatred of men.
"In one case, Kellett summed up the case to the jury with this comment, "there has been no evidence presented to you as the jury that would suggest that a sexual act hadn't occurred on those dates," revealing a sad ignorance of the legal principle that the burden of proof falls on the plaintiff."
Sound familiar? The prosecution in Dennis Dechaine's case used such arguments to convince a jury to convict Dennis, who is still waiting for his new trial after spending twenty years in jail! Books have been written on the police errors and prosecutorial misconduct which misled a jury to find Dennis guilty of murder over twenty years ago. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court will hear oral arguments in a hearing for a new trial for Filler. Details are posted at

WHEN:       May 19, 2010, ?????? AM
WHERE:    At Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor ME
CASE:         Han-09-183 State of Maine v. Vladek Filler
Penobscot Judicial Center is located at 78 Exchange Street, Bangor, Maine 04401-4913. Telephone (207) 561-2314. Court watchers are needed! Please consider attending, and ask media people around the country to report this story.

Michael Povich, former District Attorney of Hancock County, didn't mention Kellett in a story about his retirement in the beginning of 2010; but people who commented about the story mentioned her.

Neil Fishman has been hired by the state to defend Mr. Filler. Go figure, our taxpayers are paying one attorney to defend the man, and another to prosecute him!   


  1. Tom Karnofsky5/08/2010 11:36 AM

    I'm not personally familiar with this case but I have seen ADA Mary Kellett in action as both as a potential juror and relative of an unjustly charged individual. She lies and consistently brings doomed cases just to punish the persons involved. She loses most of her cases, but in the meantime the persons charged are put through hell, and their reputations permanently damaged. It seems she only won the Filler case by misconduct. We can hope this hearing will bring her misconduct to light. The lawyers around here will speak privately of her appalling behavior but of course no one wants to cross her publicly. Thanks for your work Paula, I will come back to your site.

  2. Personally I believe Dennis Dechaine is guilty and I'm both incredulous and dismayed by the conduct of many of his supporters. One of the problems here is the fact his supporters seemingly just ignore the overwhelming circumstantial evidence against Dechaine. His story is just ludicrous, someone just happened find his truck in the woods and tool the receipts and the rope just to frame him, all while he was in a drug induced haze lost in the woods. They site the time of death with their hand picked forensic experts, both of whom place the death at least 10 hours after Dechaine was in custody, of course they ignore those two experts reports are also have a ten hour difference. They site the "DNA" issue, folks, the finger nails were in Thomas Connolly's possession for two years, chain of custody is gone. How convenient, render the basically besmirched and then cry when it's not taken seriously. I could go one, but the point is the Dechaine supporters should move on and let the Cherry family be.