Tuesday, March 9, 2010

South v. North again!

Though the Maine Department of Education has given Husson College approval to offer law degrees, the high court has again denied Husson College's application to allow its future law school students to take the Maine Bar exam. Here's the story

It appears one of the main reasons Husson can't get accredited by the ABA is that professors aren't given tenure (lifetime employment). That's crazy! What does that have to do with the quality of the students' education! Quoting from the story:  
In place of ABA accreditation, Husson asked the court to devise a set of ABA-like standards and create a commission to determine whether the proposed law school would meet those standards.
But the Maine Supreme Court wouldn't do it, Chief Justice Leigh Saufley authored the decision, saying:
"Husson's decision not to apply for accreditation from the ABA provides an insufficient basis for us to take these extraordinary steps,"
In another story, a former police officer turned attorney, said it was unfortunate. In that story, Bill Beardsley was mentioned. He's the college's former president; he's running for governor. After a press release was put out, the college received nearly 200 inquiries from potential students, most from northern and eastern Maine.

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