Monday, March 8, 2010

Medical Marijuana - laws regarding dispensaries, too late!

In December of 2009, Maine politicians heard from experts in California on the subject of dispensaries for medical marijuana, which Maine voters approved last fall. From the story: 
"... police said they would like more time to address where the dispensaries would be located and how the marijuana would be cultivated, distributed and transported."
So what about those who are caught in legal limbo? The media reported about a drug bust a few weeks ago in the valley; but not about the suicide by Dean Pelletier following the story. Dean was placed on house arrest - imprisonment in his own home basically. He committed suicide soon after... by hanging. Some believe the newspaper reports were a contributing factor in his decision to end his life. Pete, my husband, was raised in the same neck of the woods as Dean and his brothers, and was a friend. We attended the funeral, held Friday on St. Agatha.

I found information at Wikipedia, regarding the days of Prohibition, which lasted about 13 years until repealed in 1933.   
In order to punish those who violated the prohibition, the US Government ordered the poisoning of industrial alcohols, which it knew were used by bootleggers before being sold to customers.

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