Sunday, March 21, 2010

BAR - British Accreditation Registry

Check out this letter! This guy too thinks appeals are nothing but job security for judges and lawyers! Evidently, Denny R. Hardin was jailed for exposing the BAR Association and corrupt esquires. 

BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry... did you know that? Husson College, now Husson University, wants to open a law school at its campus at Bangor Maine; but because the university has a policy against tenuring its professors, accreditation by the American Bar Association can't be had apparently. I've blogged about this in the past.

Here's a Wikipedia entry. It lists the various schools at the university: Business, Health, Education, Pharmacy, Science and Humanities. All are accredited by some organization, council, commission, etc. I ask you "Does giving lifetime appointment to a professor at the educational institute he's teaching at really have that much of an affect on the quality of education students receive? 

Here's a link to a website which has information about BAR Associations.

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