Thursday, March 11, 2010

I told you, it's north v. south - proposal seeks to split the state in two!

In a Bangor Daily News Story, John Eder of Portland, who is "the only Green Party state representative in the nation," relayed the sentiments of his constituents: "We like to think we'll drive north and see this vast, untouched wilderness. We don't want to think we'll see house lots." 
Part of the conflict is political. As newcomers have poured into the south from eastern Massachusetts, traditional, Republican Maine — one of two states to vote against Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 — has become one of the most liberal states on issues such as taxes, gay rights and the environment.
The north's point, the story reported is: "Southerners throw around their political and economic muscle without fully considering its effect on the far-off north."

Ahh, the story is a 2006, but I believe not much has changed. Joy proposed this, or something like this in 2005 also. And here's a story from 2002. 

Here's the March 9, 2010 story; Representative Henry Joy, of Southern Aroostook County is proposing to section off a portion of lower Maine and create a new state called Northern Massachusetts. I haven't read all of the story yet.  


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