Sunday, May 15, 2011

Face Up To Fred! Judges - GUILTY!

Fred Sotile helped circulate the S.A.V.E. petition to disbar Mary Kellett. He's on BlogTalk Radio right now, Sunday at 11 pm eastern time. Fred is reading a letter, regarding prosecution of those involved in the illegal payments to Los Angeles judges... 430 of them! The letter is from Judicial Watch Inc. (a public-interest law firm) to District Attorney Steve Cooley. After exposing the illegal payments to the judges, Attorney Richard Fine was jailed for 18 months! He was released in September of 2010. Click on the headline to get to the BlogTalk link, or you can call 1 (619) 789 4319 to listen. Californians need to put pressure on Cooley to get on the ball and prosecute! And the rest of the country needs to get behind this too!    

Last night I tuned into Jack Bauer's show on TalkShoe at 9 pm est. 1 (724) 444 7444 (PIN 74235#). It was great! Jack let me say a few words about the raid at our home, and confiscation of our guns by law enforcement on April 28.

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