Friday, May 20, 2011

Cuffed for the first time.

It finally happened... I was handcuffed. 

Regarding the "felon in possession of firearms" charges, Pete was scheduled to make an appearance on 5-19-11. So I went with him to Superior Court in Caribou. told the judge that I was assisting Pete until he received counsel, which we had just applied to get. Some states let you assist a friend or family member as long as you aren't being paid; well, according to Judge Hunter, Maine doesn't allow it. Nancy Grant was jailed for "Unauthorized Practice of Law" in Florida a few years ago. 

Well, Hunter didn't want me to help my husband. It all happened so quickly. There hadn't been any bail conditions set after the search on 4-28-11, and seizure of our guns; and Pete hadn't been arrested. The prosecutor and judge didn't disclose everything to him, tricked him into signing. I called out "Don't sign it." Hunter then banned me from the courtroom. I made a comment while leaving and he sent the bailiff after me. I spent about 45 minutes in cuffs, during which time a woman lawyer came to speak with me... the judge had sent her. She suggested I apologize. I asked her a few questions, including how the grand jury gets chosen. A lawyer for over thirty years, she didn't know! She was very nice though, and asked one of the clerks; apparently the names are chosen from the list of driver licenses. 

I thought Pete would be so mad at me for getting in trouble. I'm not the enemy, I told him. The very individuals who are supposed to protect us are working under Color of Law to deprive us of our rights!  

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