Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Talkshoe - Guest speaker Hagan Smith on Rod and Carl's show.

The October 1st broadcast was a great one! Hagan explains, in simple terms, the fraud which many Americans don't even realize we're the victims of! Hagan mentions the Reconstruction Act and tells us how when the southern states walked out of Congress, it was sine die (without setting a date to meet again); so Lincoln set up a military dictatorship, reconvening Congress under the Emergency Powers Act. That act was never rescinded... we've been under military rule ever since.

Hagan also mentions how our money is not lawful; it's nothing but debt notes. Here's a short clip of the show:

And at this link, Ron Paul explains more about the federal reserve - a bunch of private bankers which Congress gave authority to print money to, though the people never gave Congress the power to do it.

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