Sunday, October 24, 2010

Georgia and the right to travel

I had heard about the proposed legislation in Georgia to remove restrictions on traveling. If you have an interest in protecting your unalienable right to travel, you must read House Bill 875.  

We the People, do have the right to travel from one location to another. To detain an individual who is traveling, without having good reason for doing so, is a violation of the Fourth Amendment right to privacy, right against illegal seizures and searches!  

I want to thank my friend, Cynthia of Maryland, for pointing me to the information regarding the proposed legislation in Georgia, which she posted on her website at Wordpress. Cynthia has been riding her personal automobile although she has returned her license to the state... and she has not been bothered by law enforcement. She took other measures when she voluntarily returned the "driver's license," such as sent letters to the Department of Motor Vehicles, law enforcement in her county, etc. You'll find more information regarding travel at Cynthia's website.   

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