Thursday, May 21, 2009

Voters deceived - Wikipedia post on J.A.I.L. amendment.

Voters in South Dakota defeated J.A.I.L. in 2006, but had they been deceived by Attorney General Larry Long’s summary of the 4-page amendment called J.A.I.L., of which he was an opponent?

I just made my first Wikipedia post, regarding fraud by the attorney general regarding the J.A.I.L. amendment in the 2006 election. The title of my post is S.D. Supreme Court says Amendment E was not "objective." Oh, I see, you have to click on History, and then the time and date of the post... because someone has deleted my post from the main page. 13:45, 19 May 2009.: "In the South Dakota elections of 2006..."

Oh, here's a video on red light runners - showing cops in Austin Texas running the lights for no reason. I read about the city's program to place cameras at red light intersections and I thought it was a good idea, at first; but then I learned that the same company which leases these cameras to the city also reviews the videos, helping the city determine if a fine should be imposed or not. Might that be a conflict of interest? I posted earlier about a city council member being removed by police (or security) when he mentioned something about it. He wanted the city manager to take a cut in pay so the city could continue to fund the program. Apparently, he'd been warned not to talk about it.

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