Monday, April 6, 2009

Immobile Media

I sent the judiciary committee an email this morning, asking them to reconsider their decision regarding LD 491. I made suggestions for new drafts to address three very important issues: judicial accountability, discriminatory law regarding medical malpractice cases, and UPL laws.

My message to the committee included an attachment which has information regarding the due process rights violations by judges against myself, my son, and a few other individuals in Maine which I have been keeping in touch with. A group called Due Process Defenders submitted summaries of our cases, as well as those of others around the country, to the judiciary committee of our United States Congress! I cc'd the email to the following television stations.

TV WVII 7 and WFVX 22 Phone: 945-6457
TV WPME-DT 35 Phone: 774-0051
TV WPFO Phone: 823-0023
TV WMTW Phone: 775-1800
TV WLBZ Phone: 942-4821
TV WGME Phone: 797-1313
TV WCSH6 Phone: 828-6666
TV WBGR-33 Phone: 947-3300
TV WAGM-8 Phone: 764-4461
TV WABI 5 Phone: 947-8321

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