Thursday, July 14, 2011

Operation "Fast and Furious"

I've never been one for conspiracy theories. I prefer to concentrate on corruption (or stupidity) in government which cannot be denied, such as that connected to "Operation Fast and Furious." Click on the headline to read the story.

A Border Patrol agent was killed in December, 2010 in firefight between the Mexican cartel and U.S. agents; and assault rifles that ATF agents evidently allowed to "walk" into Mexico were found at the scene. From that story: 
The Fast and Furious case was one of the biggest gun trafficking cases since Project Gunrunner began in 2006. It was seen by the ATF as a response to criticism from the Justice Department's inspector general that the firearms bureau was bringing too many minor cases against straw purchasers, individuals who buy guns for others or traffickers.
Investigations in Washington are ongoing. In this CBS video, a senior special agent with the ATF explains how when he questioned a supervisor about the operation, he was basically told to get another job if he didn't want to follow orders.


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