Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caregiver harrassed by law enforcement

I recently spoke with Cynthia Joy Rosen, who was instrumental in the campaign to elect Paul LePage as governor. Last fall, after several months of surveillance, Cynthia's husband, Jon Steward, was the target of a search. He had begun growing medical marijuana after it became legal to do so in Maine. Here's the May 13, 2011 story, in which Cynthia describes how officers set up a potentially dangerous situation which could have ended much like the deadly shooting of a marine in Arizona a few weeks ago:  

"He could have grabbed a gun and gone out back to see why someone is on our property what's our dog barking at. So they set up a potentially lethal situation based on what? An alleged anonymous letter."
Click here to send a message to your legislators, to support bills that protect medical marijuana patients and growers.

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