Monday, April 4, 2011

End police brutality - Join the cause

After joining the cause "Consequences for Corruption" - which you can get to by clicking on the headline - I thought I'd tell readers about an encounter I had last summer with law enforcement. 

A state trooper (Timothy Saucier) pulled me over because I was traveling at a speed he was uncomfortable with, evidently. He wanted me to sign some ticket, apparently to create a contract between me and the STATE OF MAINE - a corporation, which happens to be his employer. Through the driver license and motor vehicle registration systems, those in charge have converted our right to travel into a privilege, which we must pay to use. I told the officer I would provide my name, etc., and asked for his; but he would not give it to me. I jotted down the plate number of his unmarked car, and later learned his full name. I told Officer Saucier that I didn't want to sign the ticket, but would, since he said he could take me to jail if I didn't. I believe he could have; after all, he did have a gun. I'd committed no crime; could this be kidnapping? Taking someone to prison because they didn't obey an arbitrarily-enforced speed limit? I explained to the officer that anything signed under duress is void. I first wrote "signed under duress" on the ticket, beneath where my name was to go; and then I began signing, but halfway through my last name, the officer yanked the ticket out of my hand! And, he told me to "Shut up" when I asked about the Constitution! 

Now in order to have a trial, there has to be someone coming forth with a complaint. No individual came forth with a complaint against me. The STATE OF MAINE is not an individual. Regardless, a hearing was scheduled, where I was expected to make a plea. Under the Constitution, in matters of controversy involving $20 or more, there is a right to a Trial by Jury. I motioned the court to prove its jurisdiction over the matter: it failed to do so. I motioned for dismissal of the "ticket." Again, I received no reply from the judge, the so-called "plaintiff" (STATE OF MAINE), or the prosecutor (District Attorney Collins). A hearing was set for March 9, 2011 in Madawaska District Court. I appeared, and asked the judge if he'd read the motions I'd filed. I had provided information regarding Georgia: House Bill 875. Here's the actual bill, which didn't pass by the way. The judge had not read my motions, and when I asked him to do so, he wouldn't. I then told him that I could not possibly have a fair trial without a jury... for he, the prosecutor, and the police officer were all employed by the plaintiff (STATE OF MAINE). I had also, in papers filed with the court, mentioned that the prosecutor (Todd Collins) had not supplied me with the evidence, so I could review it ahead of time. The police audio/video of the traffic stop was never given to me. Just the same, the judge (David Soucy) went ahead with a bench trial, which I did not participate in, and he assessed a $185 fine against me! 

Okay, maybe you're thinking this is not police brutality... have you ever read the "Frog in boiling water" fable? If not, please do.    

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