Thursday, February 17, 2011

Healthcare professionals arrested... this makes me SICK!

One hundred and eleven defendants have been charged in the hugest healthcare fraud bust! It took place this morning, Attorney General Holder explains in the video... click on the headline.

And then there's Maine... where politicians who commit healthcare fraud are elevated, by their colleagues, to high-ranking positions in state government such Robert Nutting has been, to Speaker of the House! From "GOP lawmakers still back Nutting as speaker":
Nutting declared the pharmacy business bankrupt, leaving the state and feds with no way to collect $1.2 million in overpayments.
Lawmakers are obviously out-of-touch with their constituents; most of the readers who commented about Nutting in the following story aren't buying the former pharmacy-owner's story. "Nutting says $1.6 million Medicaid overbilling was honest mistake."

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