Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maine's new legislature elects three new officers

Finally, I can't wait! Click on the headline to read about the newly-elected Maine bureaucrats. And Paul LePage and other governors-elect, apparently met with President Obama last week! Major items on the discussion list: homeland security and the president's healthcare overhaul. Click here for that news flash. 

William Schneider, who was elected to the office of Maine Attorney General, will have to handle the aftermath under A.G. Mills', regarding the "no wrongdoing" finding in prisoner Victor Valdez' death in a Maine prison, which I blogged about recently. 

Schneider, who is wheelchair-disabled, talked about how the law regarding the rights of the disabled in Maine (passed in 1971) compares to states which never enacted such discrimination legislation Here's that May 10, 2001 story: Maine A Pacesetter In Rights For The Disabled . In it a U.S. Supreme Court case was mentioned: BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF UNIV. OF ALA.V. GARRETT (99-1240) 531 U.S. 356 (2001). The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Rehnquist, narrowed the avenues available to state government employees with disabilities, who had claims of discrimination against their employers. On March 06, 2001, John McManamy wrote And Justice for All?; the article will help you understand the ruling, which has alot to do with the Eleventh Amendment, and states' sovereign rights.  

And finally, I just wanted to say Goodbye, and good riddance, to the old administration. And here are a few stories about wind energy in Maine... a topic which is receiving much attention these days.  

Wind power's assualt on Maine
Baldacci touts investment, renewable energy

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