Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Voice of Maine!

I just got done hosting "Voice of Maine" at Free America Radio Network. I'll let you know how to access the audio once I find out how to do that myself. Jarody, a candidate for District 57 (part of Augusta) House of Representatives for Maine joined me. The Kennebec Journal ran a story about him and other candidates today. Jarody is hoping to beat out William Logan for the Republican seat... primaries to be held on June 8. Logan is a lawyer who thinks the judiciary is underfunded! Whoa, back-up, judges make too much money already; and a $36 million Penobscot County Judicial Center just got built! Underfunded? No, the money just isn't spent wisely.   

Ted called in and mentioned that we have no lawful government, but a de facto corporate government. Ted is the Maine delegate for the eastern Assemblies of men and women on the counties at large.   


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