Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maine Governmental Ethics - John Richardson

A story broke in May regarding Maine Clean Elections; certain signature-gatherers working for gubernatorial candidate John Richardson apparently forged signatures. Here's the story which led to Richardson withdrawing from the race; but now that I've summed it up, you can skip the bull and just get to the good stuff-the reader comments after the piece. 

And by the way, the Ethics Commission has denied a Freedom of Information request made by the St. John Valley Times and other Maine newspapers for the names of the campaign workers. It's the public's right to know! Open government my eye.  

Well, what else would one expect from an Ethics Commission which openly violates the First Amendment right of free speech? This cover page of the Commission's complaint form for filing a complaint against a legislator contains a confidentiality agreement; the agreement is basically a threat on your freedom. If you exercise your right of free speech, you could be charged with a Class D crime. Ridiculous, it's not like the safety of the country would be jeopardized if details about a complaint against a Maine legislature were leaked... clowns, or should I say crooks?    

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