Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Charles Bruce Stewart on common law and assembling!

Here's a link to a 104 page book called Fundamental Principles of American Constitutional Law and Government, by Charles Bruce Stewart. At pages 95-96: 

Here-under; "We" the common "American People" have the Constitutional Right and Duty to form our own smaller communities, so-as-to Elect our Own "Common-Law Police-Officers", called "Peace Officers" and “Constables” at the Township and Precinct levels; and to Elect our own "Common-Law Court Judges", called "Justices of the Peace" at the Precinct level. "Sheriff “and "County Judge" are the general common-law terms to be used at the County-Level. And so long as each of these communities are not clearly guilty of any significant breach of their Common-Law Duty to "Responsibly Self-Govern" under these general Natural-Law guide-lines; then No Other Humans on the planet have any Lawful Authority to Trespass into any of these Sovereign "Common-Law Jurisdictions".  

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