Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kellett - Assistant District Attorney for Hancock County, Maine

I received an email with a link to a story written by Carey Roberts. "In Maine, it doesn't pay to be a man."  Several months ago, I posted a link to a story about D.A. Mary Kellett, whose been prosecuting men though it's their partners who are often the abusers. Last year, several men testified about this sort of thing in public hearings at the state house; some woman are abusing "protection from abuse" orders. I listened at www.maine.gov/legis.

Well, Superior Judge Kevin Cuddy recently found Kellett was guilty of prosecutorial misconduct; but it doesn't appear she'll lose her job. The D.A. position held by Michael Povich in Hancock County is up for grabs however. 

Here's another story about something which happened in Hancock County. Kellett is in it; evidently, a 51 year old teacher in Blue Hill pled guilty to sex crimes and was sentenced to 28 years in prison. So what went wrong? We do fingerprinting of teachers and substitute teachers in Maine to avoid letting people like this into the school system. So much for that; the guy had a previous felony sexual offense conviction in New York in 1982, and more...

Now, back to Filler's story, Mr. Filler was awarded custody of his two children: http://www.fillerfund.com/latest.htm. About a year ago, a BDN news story reported the story after a jury convicted him. Filler's defense attorney, Daniel Pileggi, spoke about the alleged assault on Mrs. Filler: "there was no physical or forensic evidence to support the gross sexual assault charge."

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  1. Fred Sottile, who is helping Richard Fine, emailed me the below message after he tried to post in comments but was not able to for some reason. "Great article by Carey. Thank you Paula for reporting this on your excellent blog. America needs more activism. I received an anonymous donation for Richard Fine this week from someone in San Pedro,CA. I believe that you had something to do with it since the check was rapped in a piece of paper that was downloaded and printed from YOUR website. That's what I call substantive. Thanks again."