Sunday, February 21, 2010

Read whistleblower Joe Zernik's email, sent two days before his arrest on February 19, 2010!

From: joseph zernik <>
Subject: The story of my arrest February 6, 2010, and possible arrest again any time.
To: (Confidential)
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 10:46 PM

I posted the records online at: I consider it another example of fraud and extortion in LA Superior Court and Sheriff, not much different from what they were doing to Richard Fine and Ronald Gottschalk.

I was arrested, and they claimed that they had warrants. They refused to show me the warrants. Now I found one of the warrants, and it was an unsigned record, invalid on its face. Moreover, the court clerk told me that police never executed it, although they told me that they arrested me on that warrant. Therefore, they can arrest me again anytime they wanted to, again, based on an unsigned warrant.
A person in California forwarded me the email from Joe, sent just before his arrest a few days ago. A link to the LA County Sheriff’s Inmate Information page was provided,; as well as Joe's booking number, 1343449. His bail has apparently been set at $30,000. That's ludicrous, considering (and I quote from the website which Joe mentioned in his email above): "the case originated from a missing registration sticker on a license plate in 2008." 

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