Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carol was right about Wolf!

She told me that a Judge Wolf, in Massachusetts, was the only honest judge she was aware of. While cleaning out my emails today I discovered a story about him. Here it is!

Soon after I met Carol Murhpy, I discovered that five of the seven judges she sued had taken part in dirty decisions against us! However, in the fall of 2006, all of the judges were dismissed from her case. Why? Here's a link to the decision; and quoting from it: 
Because the doctrine of judicial immunity bars her claims against the judicial defendants, the Court grants their motion to dismiss Carol Murphy’s Amended Complaint. 

Carol has been incarcerated in Somerset County jail in Maine since mid October. Check my post of last fall to read about the conditions surrounding her arrest. It cost about $60,000 to house a prisoner in Maine, or about $200 a day. Does Carol Murphy pose such a threat to the public as to justify this? It's probably costing taxpayers more than that for her bed at Riverside - the psych ward in Augusta Maine where Carol's been sent for an evaluation, though she had told me she did not consent to one. 

Carol says the state is trying to push an attorney on her, so they can screw her! She mentioned Corpus Juris Secundum. In a letter dated April 25, 1998,  found at, was this: 
Attorneys take an oath to uphold the judicial system over the rights of a client. This is in their Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Volume 7, Section 4.

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