Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aroostook Watchmen interviews James Traficant!

The former congressman was released from prison in September after serving seven years. What was the crime? He's anti-government, or anti-corrupt government, as Steve puts it.

James has refused interview offers from mainstream media; but spoke with Steve Martin and Jack McCarthy (Continental Congress candidate) on their humble little Aroostook Watchmen radio show (AM 780 WXME) in Monticello, Maine, this morning! Here's a video/interview with Traficant, by Chris Mathews of "Hardball." And here's a link to the Aroostook Watchmen show, where Steve and Jack's interview with Traficant should be available soon. 

Steve's had some impressive guests on his show lately, including Congressman John Shadegg recently. Shadegg's been trying for years to pass "The Enumerated Powers Act." I've written about that in my book! If passed, Congress would have to point to the constitutional authority behind passing each and every law! Bill Beardsley (gubernatorial candidate, former president of Husson College) was interviewed earlier this week... and the guys have set up a gubernatorial debate for February 17!

Jack and Steve do their show every morning Monday through Saturday. They don't get paid for this public service; they're just passionate about educating people and trying to make Maine and this country a better place. They need sponsors to keep the show going. Here's Steve's address, if you wish to make a donation, or advertise on their show. Click on his name to write to him. 

Steve Martin
1049 US Route One
Amity, ME 04471

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