Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowe - Maine - full of it!

I got a letter, albeit a generic one, from Senator Olympia Snowe the other day. She believes that Maine's medical malpractice screening panels are a success. Well, they are, for doctors and their liability insurance providers. Valid claims are often defeated before they can ever get to trial, because of the Maine Health Security Act... don't let the name fool you. Even obvious errors, such as the misdiagnosis of my son's broken arm as a shoulder dislocation, in the year 2000. He never got a trial; a judge granted judgment to the defendants, without a trial. It's called summary judgment. The Maine Supreme Court affirmed.  

I found history of the Maine Health Security Act the Maine Supreme Court decision, Brand v. Seider. When you get to paragraph 9, keep in mind that "derogation" means "the partial taking away of."

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