Friday, December 18, 2009

Writ of Habeas what? Habeas Corpus - I have the body

I sent prisoner Carol Murphy's writ of habeas corpus to U.S. District Court of Bangor Maine today. I included a September 26, 2007 newspaper article about another victim of Animal Welfare Director Norma Worley - Joan Sullivan. Sullivan's lawyer filed a motion for contempt after the state wouldn't return her horses (one died while in state custody) after a judge ordered them returned. At the webpage, you'll see the story was once linked there: "Motion aims for state to return horses" about halfway down. I sent a photocopy of the newspaper clipping with Carol's writ.

In my Letter of Support I included references to other injustices, some which I've mentioned in past blogs, and I've asked to have the issue of judicial immunity addressed. One of the things I sent was a 2 pg story "Fire Maine Kennel Czar" by John Yates regarding Norma Worley. Yates passed away this fall.      

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