Friday, December 4, 2009

Jury selection postponed due to fall! Maine woman suing the governor!

Margot was in court to choose a jury in the state's case against her when she fell and everything was put on hold. She had to have stitches; well, she tells me she opted for the glue actually.

Margot's animals were taken from her a few years ago; and she's trying to get a trial regarding this. In a story, taken at  the webpage of the Bangor Humane Society, a reporter mentions that the state requested that Margo pay $100,000 for the care of her animals while the appeal was pending; that amount got reduced to $10,000, and then $2500, which she paid in protest. If she lost her appeal, the money would be forfeited to the state of Maine's Animal Welfare Department.

In Supreme Court, she said that their matted fur was the equivalent of dreadlocks in humans. That's funny, but what our government is doing to us isn't.  

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