Monday, December 7, 2009

Hearing on recusals of judges set for Dec. 10, 2009!

A hearing has been set in Washington D.C. at the Rayburn House Office Building for this Thursday, December 10, 2009, regarding recusal of judges since Caperton

According to a story about it at the BLT (Blog of Legal Times) on the 4th: "No witnesses have been announced for the hearing." Here's a link to the schedule .

(After I posted this, a witness list was put up, so I came back and added this note)

And here's a list of the members of the Courts and Competition Policy subcommittee. Please call the subcommittee members regarding Attorney Richard Fine. Judge David Yaffe should have recused himself from the case Fine was on, and his failure to do so, and imprisonment of Attorney Fine is atrocious. The "conflict of interest" was clear, for Yaffe had accepted compensation from the County of Los Angeles, which was a defendant in the case Yaffe ruled on.   

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