Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dog and pony show!

Here's a link to Full Disclosure's latest on Attorney Richard Fine. Senators and assembly members met on December 8th, in West Los Angelos California. The meeting, described by one judicial reform activist as "a dog and pony show," was supposed to be about government reform.

I posted information about SBX2 11 under the biography of Ronald George at Judgepedia. I included a link to the docket in U.S. Supreme Court, which shows the U.S. Supreme Court denied Attorney Fine a review. P.S. The website for JAIL 4 Judges is still down (I'd posted a link to it at Ronald George's biography); the group is still active and working on getting the site up again.

We need people in every state to work on judicial reform, so find others in your community who want change, and start meeting with them. 

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