Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Continental Congress President Michael Badnarik hospitalized!

According to Gary Franchi, National Director of Restore the Republic, Michael has had a heart attack. In an email from Gary, which made its way to me through other patriots:

"His Mother, Elaine, reported to me that Michael was in Madison, Wisconsin attending a hearing regarding a raw milk case. After the hearing he got in a car to go to lunch with friends, He then slumped over. His friends attempted CPR and contacted the paramedics. They attempted to revive him 3 times with no success. Upon the 4th attempt his heart was revived yet with erratic behavior." ~Gary Franchi

Read the Articles of Freedom and sign the pledge! CC believes the Constitution isn't broken, but that it is being violated! Listen to the video (made on 11-15-09) in which Michael explains the goals of Continental Congress to Gary Franchi at http://www.cc2009.us/aof The video is nearly one hour long, and very informative. Michael and Gary explain how we gave Congress the authority to coin money, not print paper money. Plus we never gave it the authority to transfer that right to a group of private bankers. 


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