Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Luck Leon!

A friend of mine, Leon Bard is running for a seat on the town council... in Lisbon or Lisbon Falls. A vote for him will get us closer to our goal of an accountable government! Lots of important issues are on the ballot. Get out and vote tommorrow!

A vote Yes on question 1 will repeal gay marriage. You may want to read one of my older posts. This spring or summer, I listened to the work session on gay marriage. During the meeting, the Chair of the judiciary committee, Senator Lawrence Bliss, admitted he was gay, and that this was a personal issue for him. Yet the public was banned from expressing their opinions about the legislation... one woman was even removed from the room for trying! I was listening live.

That I'm linking to the following article on TABOR ought to tell you which side of the issue I'm on.

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