Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stunned in New Sharon, Maine

Maine woman arrested!

Cops went to Carol Murhpy's place to arrest her apparently; but did they have a valid warrant? Carol had filed a lawsuit against judges and other officials in connection with the taking of her animals several years ago... without a warrant! She had "No Trespass" signs on her property... she tried to defend herself with a stun gun.

In Carol Murphy v. State of Maine et al , several judges were dismissed from her case simply because they were judges. She's been trying to place her case/s in Arizona and other states. The state had fined her for animal cruelty. Being poor, she hadn't paid the fines. Carol had filed an "Emergency Habeas Corpus," believing it would only be a matter of time before the state of Maine came to get her if some court didn't accept her case and give her a fair trial. The state judges are obviously biased in her case against the state.

The Arizona court dismissed her case on the 13th of October, citing lack of jurisdiction. I ordered the documentation from Pacer. Carol was arrested on the 14th. Coincidence? It was someone from PETA (People's Ethical Treatment of Animals) who telephoned police on Carol. They're the group who attacked Obama for swatting a fly on national television.

In court filings, Carol mentions that the U.S. District Court has violated the Open Court Standard in not letting her file the habeas corpus in U.S. District Court of Maine.
Carol is entitled to her day in court. Is it okay to jail someone because they have no money to pay a fine?

You can help Carol by sending her a letter of support... money can be sent to her, by using a money order. It will be deposited into her account so she can purchase stamps, phone card, etc.; the jail has returned stamps sent to her. Everything has to go through her account. Why? Well, I'm guessing that the state makes a commission on the sale of such items.

Carol Murphy

Somerset County Jail
131 East Madison Road
Madison, ME 04950

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