Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dennis Dechaine

From October, 2009 Trial and Error Newsletter:

"Yet another year slowly closes in and still we have not given up the fight for justice as we surpass the 21st year in Dennis' wrongful conviction."

A motion for new trial was made in August of 2008... still no word. It appears that Judge Bradford, who is the judge who sentenced Dennis twenty years ago, will decide on the motion.

The directors of T & E are encouraging people to write letters to the editors of their local papers. At the Trial and Error website, there's a link to the email addresses of newspapers throughout the state which you can write to... they're listed under "What you can do." The newsletter hasn't yet been posted.

You can write to Dennis at:

Dennis Dechaine
807 Cushing Rd.
Warren, ME 04864

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  1. Dennis Dechaine did not kill Sarah Cherry and the people that took away his freedom had no right to put an innocent man away for a crime he never did.The real killer is a guy by the name of Jason Fickett. If you read "Human Sacrifice" you might learn how wrong the prosecutor's and law enforcement were.I always knew that they had the wrong man locked up.My heart breaks for this man as well as Sarah's family. This could of been avoided if they had done their job correctly and gone after Jason Fickett. Shame on the law enforcement and everyone who had a hand in this. I hope this comes back to haunt them.