Monday, October 5, 2009

C-Span takes my question about Attorney Fine's case!

I'm ecstatic! I got on C-Span this morning!

I called into a series by the Washington Journal, airing this week (started yesterday) regarding the Supreme Court. The first time I dialed in, the line was busy. When I tried again I got through, and a woman asked what type of question I had. I told her it was regarding the status of a case that was recently scheduled for conference. She said it sounded like a good question, and she put me on hold.

My question to Doyle was this "Are you familiar with Attorney Richard Fine's case, which was set for conference on the 29th of September?" I told him that Leslie Dutton of Full Disclosure Network had done stories but the mainstream media hadn't.

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  1. Excellent question and excellent promotional effort on Fine's behalf Paula. Thank you.