Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fw: Re:Prison Issues/Concerns

I received an email from the Constituent Affairs Office for Governor Swarzennegger a few days ago. It must be in response to my message regarding Attorney Richard Fine. I asked the governor to order Fine released from the illegal imprisonment. Basically, they're telling me to contact the fox regarding the killing of hens. The courts and Bar Association are part of the corruption. If the governor won't step in, California - and one might assume all states - are doomed. Please people, write to the governor and demand Attorney Fine's release. They're using the "separation of powers" excuse. I don't believe our forefathers intended for it to be used as a way for members of one branch of government to pass on an opportunity to hold a member or members of another branch of government responsible for blatantly violating Constitutional rights.


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Subject: Re:Prison Issues/Concerns

Thank you for your e-mail regarding a conviction. Issues about the validity of a conviction or sentence should be addressed to the courts. Our office cannot intervene in judicial matters like this one due to the constitutional separation of powers between the executive and judicial branches of government. An attorney is in the best position to assist you in this matter. If you are without funds to hire a private attorney, the State Public Defender or Prison Law Office may be able to assist you, or the State Bar may be able to refer you to private counsel willing to help. You may contact the State Bar at:

State Bar of California
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, California 94105
(415) 538-2000

Helpful information may also be found at the California State Bar website: Again, thank you for writing to share your views.

Office of Constituent Affairs

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