Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dale Rodney v. United States Corporation

There's a case in Superior Court for the District of Columbia. The name of it is Dale Rodney v. United States Corporation. Rod Class (AKA Dale Rodney) holds conference calls at AIB Radio. Rod has been researching the law and our Constitution for some years, and has discovered that the way to file a case against the United States government is to do so through their corporation status.

The judge in this case has docketed that Eric Holder has defaulted... in other words, he failed to answer to the charges brought by Rod. He also mentioned that the judge who denied his motion to clarify the language, which is to be used in his case, mentioned the original Constitution. This is important, because it's an admission that there are versions which were put into play since the original; and that the language is in conflict with the language in the original.

I know from experience that they totally abuse certain words... "person" is one of them. Aren't I one? Yes, but I couldn't represent our corporation in U.S. Supreme Court.

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