Thursday, August 13, 2009

A link to the 1017-page healthcare bill - H.R. 3200

I was sent a link to the healthcare reform bill by a woman named Meredith.

She summarized some of the provisions: "Page 317, Doctors: You are now prohibited from owning and investing in healthcare companies!"

If this is true, it should stir some serious debate in Maine especially, because most doctors here get their liability insurance through the physician-owned Medical Mutual Insurance Company of Maine; the doctors are shareholders of the insurance company which provides them liability insurance for malpractice. I wrote about this in older posts, and how because of it plaintiffs with cases of medical malpractice have difficulty securing a law firm to represent them, or a doctor to testify on their behalf. You see, if a law firm represents just one doctor, they don't want to take your case because they'll be going up against their client's company, so to speak. They consider that a conflict of interest. Not being able to obtain a lawyer is one reason why victims of medical malpractice have little to no chance of winning their cases in Maine.

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