Thursday, August 13, 2009

The People's Governor... is he?

Conditions in the state prisons in California are so bad, and there's so much overcrowding that a group of federal judges has given the governor 45 days from August 4 (so end of September) to improve conditions, or they may step in. Read the story by Mike Zapler.

September 29 is the day the U.S. Supreme Court justices will hold a conference and consider taking Attorney Fine's case. He needs our help. Check it out: Video made by Attorney Fine at a town hall meeting just before he got locked up. The governor has a duty to protect the people of his state; however, Arnold Schwarzenneger signed a bill (SBX 211) giving retroactive immunity to the judges who accepted the payments which Richard Fine has been trying to get returned to California taxpayers. Judge Yaffe jailed Attorney Fine soon after, and he's been trying to get released ever since! His writ of habeas corpus was denied. His Certificate of Appealability is pending in 9th Circuit Court.

Attorney Fine has committed no crime, yet he's been kept in jail since the beginning of March... on false contempt of court charges. This is nonsense! The governor was wrong to sign a bill giving the judges immunity from prosecution for accepting the illegal payments. SBX 211 was snuck into a budget package which the governor approved in February of 2009. He needs to acknowledge the decision in Sturgeon: Article from Judicial Watch dated October 15, 2008 explaining Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles, in which Justice Patricia Benke reversed a lower court's grant of summary judgment to the county. The decision - in which three judges took part - explains that because there was nothing in the record establishing that the Legislature prescribed the payments, and that "the benefits provided by the county are compensation within the meaning of Section 19, article VI of our Cosntitution."

If the governor fails to order Fine's release, we may see the revolution which I fear is inevitable. This country is desparate for a return to law and order. Our government officials, right along with large corporations, are the biggest violators of our rights!

Send an email to Governor Arnold Swarzenegger. I did. Ask him to release Mr. Fine. Other contact information:

Phone: 916 445-2841
Fax: 916 558-3160

Mailing address:
Governor Arnold Swarzenegger
State Capital Building
Sacramento CA 95814

Here's the Docket regarding Attorney Fine's case, from U.S. Supreme Court, which shows that information regarding Attorney Fine will be distributed for conference on September 29. I can't wait!

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