Tuesday, October 30, 2007

U. S. clerk rejects my petition

On July 12, 2004 Augusta District Court Judge Rae Ann French ruled that paperwork not containing price, description of work, or mutual consent was a contract. Unable to get the erroneous decision reversed through appeals to Superior and Supreme Courts, I began to write Dirty Decisions.

I filed a certiorari petition to get our case, PJM Builders Inc. v. Maine-Wide Construction to U.S. Supreme Court. On January 5, 2006 the clerk sent my petition copies back to me. I explain more in my book, but basically, we were denied in forma pauperis status. In forma pauperis status means that you can argue your own case to the United States Court. When it's granted, an attorney is often appointed to the pauper, because without one he/she/it might not have a fair trial. The clerk was saying that I could not represent our corporation. Getting the help of an attorney was out of the question. It would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. I researched the law. Section 1. of United States Code 1. says "persons" includes corporations, and other entities.

I've linked to the decision, Rowland v. California Men's Colony (U.S. 1993), which the clerk cited in rejecting our petition, which never reached the nine Supreme Court justices apparently.

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