Thursday, July 27, 2017

Police investigation reopened

About a month ago I posted a story on Facebook about a police investigation in Madawaska that was closed after the officer failed to question known witnesses. Well that officer, I was told by Chief Dubois, no longer works there. Anyway, someone, I'm pretty sure I know who, broke into my shed from inside the house. The tenant living there was a woman who had placed a protection from abuse order on her former boyfriend who had been living with her until about December. Well, his furniture and belongings were still there and blocking her path to remove her items from the house. My storage area connects to theirs, but I lock it from them. Her items were just beyond my door. Just a few feet away from that door is another door that leads to the outside, directly in front of the driveway.


The woman tenant moved out at the end of April but didn't tell me. I didn't go to my shed until the beginning of June. Nothing was taken, but the door was destroyed. I specifically told the police and showed the former investigating officer, Eric Morin, the lease and pointed out the section which states that I retain that section of the house for storage. If the damage had been to inside the rental, that would be a civil matter...and in fact the kitchen door is damaged too. Despite that I gave him the names of witnesses, he closed the case without questioning either one or questioning any neighbors. So, I managed to get the investigation reopened, but it's been two weeks and I haven't heard much from the Madawaska Police Dept. The town manager, Gary Picard, says he will not put me on the agenda for the August 21 meeting. He did not place me on the agenda for July 17, though he had told me he would. So I called him a few days ago. Our conversation, or should I say his conversation, lasted 23 seconds...just enough time for him to tell me that he would not put me on the agenda for the next board meeting, then he hung up on me. So, I found out that there is a whole 2 minutes for public comment at these board meetings, but if someone else goes before me and takes up the 2 minutes...too bad. I don't get paid to police the police. I don't get paid to police the town manager. I don't even live in Madawaska, but I do pay real estate taxes to the town...and I expect the people whose paycheck my taxes help fund, to do their jobs. Please, if you feel the same, make your concerns known. Attend the meeting on August 21, or contact the town manager and the Board of Selectmen...or do nothing and let criminals run rampant without consequences.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

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