Thursday, July 14, 2011

My "Right to bear arms" letter to the editor

After sending a few requests to the publisher, my letter to the editor was finally printed in the St. John Valley Times on June 15, 2011; and it got in the online addition too!

Governor LePage wrote to the editor of the paper the week after I did. He was defending his veto of Senator Troy Jackson's logging bill, which had the support of the majority of the Legislature.  Quoting from a story at the Bangor Daily News
In a letter published in the June 15 edition of the St. John Valley Times, LePage said he took an oath to uphold the constitutions of the United States and Maine. He said that contracts awarded by the state already require the use of Maine workers but L.D. 340 was unconstitutional by enshrining that policy into law.
LePage 's letter was quite short and did NOT make it into the online version of the Times, by the way, so I don't have a link to it. 

So, what is it about L.D. 340 that the governor finds so unconstitutional? A story in the Kennebec Journal revealed...
In his veto message, LePage said LD 340 violates the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment, specifically the equal protection clause.
In the Valley Times print edition, the governor mentioned that he had signed a bill requiring civics education in our schools. I wonder if the truth about the 14th Amendment - as well as the original 13th, which forbid "titles of nobility" (AKA lawyers) from holding office - will be part of that education. At the time of the so-called ratification of the 14th, southern states had been conquered and their senators replaced. Here's one of many articles about the 14th, from which I quote:
The ten States were organized into Military Districts under the unconstitutional "Reconstruction Acts," their lawfully constituted Legislatures illegally were removed by "military force," and they were replaced by rump, so-called Legislatures, seven of which carried out military orders and pretended to ratify the 14th Amendment
One of the negative effects of the 14th Amendment is that the judicial branch has become frighteningly powerful. Quoting from the article again: 
the U. S. Supreme Court and inferior courts have used the the 14th Amendment to enlarge upon their ungranted powers without limit or reserve. 



  1. If Mr Lepage, has truely taken the OATH, he stated here. The Oath to uphold the constitution of the united states and of Maines own constitution, then why are all licensed drivers still lied to? Lets take another look at that, because if it is so he is in violation of the treason laws because he is not following the letter of the law or the color of the law. The constitution says we as citizens have a Right to Travel unhindered by any road block. As the Governor Mr Lepage is supposed to make sure those in office in the State Police know the Laws and Constitution and that all Police depts are to follow the same OATH of OFFICE as he did. Which does state we have the Right as Citizens to keep and bear arms. I say maybe the People taking this Oath of office do not realize when they take the OATH of Office it is considered Perjury when they do not adhere to it. Therfore they are subject to Penalties of imprisonment and fines of I believe 10,000 dollars. I know that one thing is sure it would be considered a felony. so where does it leave all officers of the Courts and Police officers, State senators and congressmen/women. I think Id have to say in jail or no less than out of a job. Certainly Gun less under their own laws.
    Google and see for yourselves where these administrators of Law are criminalizing everything but themselves

  2. the governor has taken an oath of office, So that means he is guilty of treason then because he is not makeing sure all citizens are being protected by the constituion, not the united states constitution nor the maine constitution. I say that because we as citizens have the right to travel unhindered by police and road blocks, We have the Right to Bear Arms under both Constitutiions,THE DICK ACT of 1902 has preserved that right forever, and you won't hear him or any politician ever admit it. ( Google it for yourselves) As to treason he Mr Lepage has a duty to uphold that Oath which would seem to me to mean his job is to protect our freedoms and rights under both constitutions. Has he? I say no. Look up those to Items ( RIGHT TO TRAVEL and DICK ACT 1902) see for yourself. Then look up Due Process of Law. Treason is if you Violate the Oath Of Office by not upholding the Constitution you face treason, Perjury, jail and 10,000 dollars in Fines I believe. sounds like the courts are helping the police and states get away with a duty/ obligation which we would consider by their laws a felony atleast. This would mean that all those that do not hold the constitution by OATH Of Office guilty and would also mean they can not own a gun or carry a gun, their laws not ours. Oh well read it and you tell me. I did and its clear enough for a grammer school student to understand so why haven't the so called educated people seen it and made a issue of this corruptiuon?