Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Missing 13th Amendment!

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery right? Maybe. I just received a link from my friend Ted, regarding research which says the 13th is something else... 

The Missing 13th Amendment Here you'll find the first of a series of articles. In reading # 7, I discovered the history behind the term "Esquire." At article # 15, I read that Virginia, to this day, could ratify this original 13th and make it official! Since records were burned after the War of 1812, it's difficult to prove that the original 13th Amendment was sufficiently ratified. If it had been, or the state of Virginia would now ratify it, the state could send the necessary paperwork to Washington, thereby adding the original 13th Amendment to our Constitution, and sending loads of lawyers (esquires) to the unemployment lines!    

Recapping: the original 13th, once properly ratified or proven to have been, would "prohibit lawyers from serving in government."

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