Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Attorney Fine!

Attorney Fine had a case against the county, Judge David Yaffe should have recused himself, because of the obvious "conflict of interest." Yaffe and other judges have been taking illegal benefits from the county for decades!

On September 10, I posted a response from the governor's office He's aware of the situation with Attorney Fine... there's no doubt about it.

Today the Supreme Court of the United States denied Attorney Fine's certiorari petition. This morning, I asked a question on C-Span regarding the status of Attorney Fine's certiorari petition. Caller from Maine, 41 minutes into the video.

We cannot allow our leaders to ignore such injustices. Please write to them and demand they order Attorney Fine released from the illegal imprisonment.

Here is a recent story at Full Disclosure Network, which explains about SBX2 11 and Attorney Fine's case

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